UI Language and Voice Language Option (Suggestion)

Like the title says my suggestion is having two separate options for the language of the UI and the voices.
That way, for those who want to use the UI in a specific language but the voices in any other language, they would still have that option.

For example: I might want to use my language for the UI but prefer the voice acting in English instead of my own


Huge +1 on that. Would aprecciate this a lot. Even more if there were a option to only change the taunts language.

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Wooow, this would be in fact very cool. Would love it implemented.

I do speak English but honestly my vocabulary isn’t great, so having the audio in English and using the UI in Spanish would be awesome.

I like the idea of thinking about the “educational” impact this feature would have on players all around the globe.

Actually, they kind of already did that (for Steam at least, not sure about Windows 10 store).
If you choose English as your language in Steam properties then the voices ingame are in English and you can still change the UI language ingame to any other language and keep said voices

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Lemme try it out. I will report back as fast as I can, and they you can mark my comment as the answer (“solution”) for this topic :smile:

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Kind no option for that in my thread (maybe bc of the time that has passed since I posted this)
This is what shows up for me:

I just tested it out! It’s possible to set the voice-over language through Steam, and then the in-game UI language, through the game options! :smiley:

I’m so happy this is possible!

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