UI Modding with Visual Studio

The UI xaml files can be put into visual studio and make lots of fun.
It can be easy to adjust UI. But most of the parts are hardcode. :unamused:

Project: GitHub - tytannial/Aoe3wpfg: Age of empires 3 definitive edition game ui project.

Extract game resource from “/AoE3DE/Game/UI/UI.bar” and “/AoE3DE/Game/UI/UIResources.bar”
Put them into “resource” like this


Seriously the whole UI programming is sucks, the source of the performance problem.

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UI is hardcoded on the same level as the one from the orginal is.
Its terrible.
You can amke small changes, but not much.
Moving options around and making a new PREGAME menu is doable, anything else RIP.

The ViewModel and Codebehind are completely hidden. The only thing you can do is layout.


is there any way to center the UI when playing in UltraWide 32:9 or 48:9?

My UI got pushed to the far right and the far left corner.

would this mod fix my problem?

Possible. Make ui layout horizontalalignment from center.

and set margin of center point.

how do you upload this as mod so that other ppl with triple monitor/48:9 can use it?

:disappointed_relieved: Sorry, you need to modify it by yourself.