UI on the win/lose stats screen

Game Version:

  • Build 27805, Microsoft store version.


The User interface is out of place on the after-scenario stats screen, at least on the Spanish version of the game. They must be relocated!

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Win, or not, a scenario in ANY campaign.
  2. The lower buttons obscure or block the win, or lose, message on the stats screen.

Clicking anywhere on the scren partially hides some buttons but, obviously, the design still blocks part of the text.


Joder, no entiendo como puede pasar eso si el juego lleva un año en el mercado, ¿han cambiado la interfaz verdad?

Yo creo que es eso, pero igualmente un fallo asi…

Sí, en anteriores versiones este problema no ocurría, quizás han roto algo, o al cambiarlo en un parche no lo han testeado bien, ¡a saber!

Hey there; thank you for taking the time to report the issue! This has been resolved in the latest build of the game which should be shipped to the Windows Store by the end of the week. After the new build is available, please let us know if you continue to see the problem.

Thank you again!

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