(UI suggestion) Instant tech tree

Salutations, fellow agers!
I suggest to rework the tech tree UI, so that it could be used while playing with minimum distraction and loss of focus on the game.
My idea is to have it dropping from the Age icon. Once clicked a list of all buildings appear. When you click the corresponding building, the available techs show next to it. This way we can see quickly only what we want to know, which is the most often case.
This is a representation of what I imagine. The numbers mean the order of clicks to get to the searched unit/tech.

As you can see, the information is about three clicks away, compared to a long scrolling in the horizontal direction.
What’s your opinion on my suggestion?

How would you add things like blacksmith upgrades, castle techs / units, docks, TC upgrades (loom), eco upgrades (lumbercamp, mining camp, mill, …), …

Hi, @WoodsierCorn696!

  1. Click the age button.
  2. Have columns by type of building. One for military, one for eco and probably one-two more for the auxiliary buildings like blacksmith, monastery, university, etc.
  3. Click on the one you need and check the units/upgrades that are available from it.
    My idea came from the way the tech tree is organized in ageofempires.fandom.com, where everything is so intuitive and easy to find. Check the Britons tech tree and imagine it a bit more compressed for faster clicking - https://ageofempires.fandom.com/wiki/Britons/Tree

I think that this answers your question, doesn’t it?

Yeah, i like the idea. This setup looks really clean. I was just wondering how you would extent it to other buildings. I had to hurry up with my reply because i was in the ranked queue and found a match.

You can also organize everything like the build window by a villagers. Something like that. And when you click no a building, you can see all techs / unit upgrades. Instead of the columns by type of buidling.

I lowkey envy that I didn’t formulate it like that. Of course, it makes so much sense, just as you suggest it!
Great idea, mate.