Ultimate AoE4 unit counters guide

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When the population limit is reached, you can no longer win for equal resources, the strongest unit in the game is the heavy cavalry, camels and mangudais

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Mangudai ? Rofl… Who told you that ?

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Mangudai are without equal in open field kite vs melee and villagers

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compare it with the rest
among the ranged cavalry units the mangudai is better

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lol… what about handcanonneer ?
what league 1v1 are you ?

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attack timeout
I consider the speed and the power to attack on the move more useful than just a high dps, but among the ranged cavalry units the mangudai is better

Looks great, do you have a link to the file or can post it somewhere. The forum downgrades the quality if you wanted to print it out.

It’s interesting warriors are ++ Vs camels? Camels aren’t heavy units, and they can get high armour. So is this true? They really hard counter or actually only soft counter?

And eventually don’t actually counter in the late game due to the sheer number of warriors you would need?

And according to this, javelin throwers are one of the best units in the game? It’s interesting how much excellent micro skews the results. Not just micro. Because javelins drop off in counter ability when armies become big enough that throwers have so much over kill they don’t do the job for the cost unless you have amazing micro.

Agreed. It’s true that Spearmen counter Heavy Calvary, but only because of cost. Max resources on the field would be heavy calvary + siege.

High res version would be nice or link to spreadsheet. at this resolution it is a pain to quickly find what you need…

Still, thanks for the effort and insight!