Ultimate Potential New Civilizations Review

These plates are a tad bit later since they were made during the french colonial times. But they give a decent idea of what they sorta look like, yeah. There’s about 3 other sets of plates beyond these ones btw.

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Well this thread didn’t age well. You didn’t predict Malta. But no worries, no amount of rational thinking could’ve predicted that.

It’s not that bad, the fact that they gone for Mediterranean theme make me think that we will get other european civs in packs of 2, like Poland and Denmark

Maybe with Brazil or Marocco in the middle, since the theme seems to be 1 civ, 2 civs, 1 civ, 2 civs, and so on…

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Mmm interesting, I would like some more African civs, I really liked that DLC… though, unfortunately I’m not knowledgeable enough on the matter to really discuss it…

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Why don’t they add Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth after all?
It is hard to understand, it makes no sense to base the AoE3 game only on the concept of colonization. When it comes to the period 1450-1880, the addition of the Polish-Lithuaninan Commonwealth is obvious. It was one of the most important state organizations of that period in Europe. In fact, the union of 3 countries, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine, started by Pol-Lit union in 1385, tightened by Union of 1569 and confirmed with inclusion of Ukraine by the Treaty of Hadiach of 1658. The latter unfortunately could not be maintained, because the Cossacks were deceived by the false promises of the Tsar of Russia and broke the treaty.
One of the most powerful states between 1450-1650 with a couple of unique technologies and military. Adding them to the game would create a unique experience where you as a player can try to prevent this amazing union from collapsing.

Hopefully one day Denmark and Poland will join too but now let’s celebrate the addition of European maps :partying_face:


No estoy de acuerdo.
Las civilizaciones agregadas parecen seguir un patrón muy claro, son rentables económicamente y tienen un factor sorpresa.

Todos esperábamos a Brasil porque representaba una ganancia asegurada, pero termino siendo Italia y Malta que son civilizaciones las cuales la comunidad les tiene cierto aprecio.

Malta porque la utilizamos en la campaña y a Italia porque estaba planeada desde un inicio.

Las dos civilizaciones son rentables en conjunto y nadie se las esperaba de manera seria (factor sorpresa).