Ultra Fast Sacred Site capture

I’ve THEORETICALLY concocted a BO to have Delhi sacred site technology researched by 6 minutes into a game!!!

The macro is tight and may slightly be influenced by map layout.

Let’s get into the build, then we’ll compare to pros and cons to that of the standard TOV Delhi build (which I’m anticipating will likely get nerfed…)

Start off:
1 vil on mill building
5 vils on straggler, try to pick the closes straggler tree near your berries and attempt to have the 5 vils carry their lumber to the mil to complete the mil construction.
Next have 1 of the 6 berry villagers build a mosque and another of the 6 berry villagers build a house.
The first 2 villagers TRAINED from the TC will both go to gold; make sure the first one to the mine builds the mining camp.
Next send villagers to berries until you have 11 (yes 11) villagers on berries.
Around 150s to 160s, you should have sufficient resources to age up. You MAY have to force drop to make the timing. At that time pull 8 (yes 8) villagers from berries to drop the Dome of Faith landmark immediately.
At 160s you should have 14 villagers (8 builders 2 miners 3 berry forgers and the latest trained on the straggler tree).
Having had 11 villagers on berries should have given you a small food surplus such that you can continue training villagers with just the 3 villagers currently on berries.
All future villagers will go on straggler until you have enough for a house then a production building and finally a lumbercamp (last).
Once the 8 landmark builders are complete building (obviously click upgrades), then send 2 of them to gold for 4 total miners, in order to sustain constant scholar production until you have 5 scholars total (320g).
The 6 other builders will split between food and wood as needed.
Training textile as soon as you age will re-stabilize your food buffer in order to keep your TC active. By 6min, if you were able to achieve the age up timing and constant scholar production without being housed then you would absolutely have sacred sites tech researched by 6min.

Note: Most maps have sacred sites 20-40s walk from your base, while you could never be capturing the site at 6min, you CAN prepull scholar such that some of that lost research speed is negated by the mandated walk.

Let’s now compare the pros an cons of this build order to that of a standard delhi TOV 4:15 age up and 7min+ sacred sites
Pros to this BO
Ages 38s sooner
Obviously sacred sites much much sooner
More scholars aka faster research overall
Assuming you can capture and hold site(s), faster eco, momentum, into common delhi site gold stuff.

Cons to BO
Initially costs you 56-60 resources opportunity cost by using 8 villagers to build the landmark instead of 4.
Cost you 190g MORE than the usual TOV single scholar trained in transition.
Very tight macro MIGHT cost you TC idle time and/or MIGHT cost you to be housed.
The lost in the effective 56-60 resources means your lumbercamp will be delayed and likewise those technologies.
The biggest con is the LOST OF TOV, this means you have to play momentum the whole game to potentially offset this HUGE loss!!!

Yet the overall good news!! IFFFF you can capture at least 1 site 1min to 2min Sooner than usual, then the gold from the site after just 1 minute will MORE than pay for the 56+ initial cost. And if you can capture Mutiple sites sooner than normal, then the remaining surplus will cover the whole bill (190g extra on scholars and the 56+ on building landmark faster).

I have play tested a slower build of the same type with sacred site tech researched by 6:17. I’ve only math’d this new BO out; once i play it thru I’ll give feedback on my findings.

I have play test the BO and it works!! However there are a few tweaks necessary and 2 concerns

  1. you need 4 on berries in order to consistently keep villager production going otherwise you’ll idle your TC or be forced to do multiple forced food drops (aka babysit your food gatherers). So send the vil trained at 160s to berries for a total of 4 berries.
  2. Because you sent the 160th second villager to berries it now means your timing on your house will be very very tight.
  3. Pulling 2 of the 8 landmark builders to gold; depending on how far the landmark is from the gold mine CAN delay your scholar production… I’ve not figured a foolproof solution.
  4. it turns out if you have 5 scholars housed and s a n c # # # # has 24 seconds left to being completed; pull out all 5 scholars will update the timer to 43’ish seconds; which happens to be just the same time it takes to walk to sacred site. If you goal is to attempt to sneak all 3 sites then pulling all but 1 scholar (3 for each site and 1 for EP military) is the play. Otherwise, if you want to secure 1 at a time, then keeping the majority of them housed means you can prepull a scholar soon than the 23s remaining (5 scholar buffed) timer and be on a site at 6:15-6:20!

you would have done it here and then you would have attached the link

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I saw this site; it a lot of work; lol; But for sure the site is a HUUUGE improvement over ths blob of TEXT!

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icons will make your work easier

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