Unable to chat

Game Version:

  • Build (####)
    101.101.35209.0 4667120
  • Platform (Steam or Microsoft Store)


I am unable to write or see chat in any games since the last patch. When I try to write something in the chat nothing appears in any chatbox, and my opponents cannot see what I wrote, or that I wrote anything at all. Likewise I cannot see any chat going on.

I am able to hear taunts, though. But no text.

Reproduction Steps:

Just join any multiplayer game


I am experiencing a similar issue to this. Neither my own or other player’s messages are displayed in my game, although my team mates do receive my messages. Taunts play sound but are not displayed in chat.

I have verified the file integrity (steam) and reinstalled the game, but the issue persists. Only multiplayer seems to be affected, as chat works normally in singleplayer.

This is a serious problem which prevents me from playing team games properly.

Same here. Just played a game and was enable to chat. Not very Convenient!

i have a problem with the game mechanics. For the past few games the names of the player does not show up either in the begining or in the scores. Also the type of map, etc ehich comes on the right side is blank. Ingme chat does not along with this.

This is how it shows up evreytime i play the ranked / unranked ladder. Irrespective of solo / team

Same issue. Started with new patch (or around the same time). Exact same issues with game loading and in game chat. Other text seems to be unaffected.

Same issue happens to me (not sure though, if that’s the case since the February or March patch. I haven’t played much online in March). Singleplayer chat works.
In the Replay section the players (except AI opponents) are just named “Spieler 1” and “Spieler 2” (“Spieler” is German for “player”). And not only recent games but also old ones that were displayed correctly in the past.

Same here,
I am unable to use, chat, see lobbies, specate…
Also cannot see the civs in the diplomacy overview.

I Run on Win10 via Steam, Version 101.101.36202.0 4819260
Signed in and cross play enabled.
Reinstalled the game without any changes.

This strongly influences my gameplay… It’s really annoying to not be able to communicate with teammates or opponents.
Is there anyone replying here or have any hints how to tackle this issues?

Thank you !

Well… apparently all features work, once I signed out of Xbox Live…
Welp. no big loss I guess.

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The april patch fixed the issue for me. Thanks for the support and the monthly patches!

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