Unable to complete Chinese Mastery challenge #9 - Path of the Spirit

I am having the same issue on Steam version. Even tried the previous live in beta section, but it not working.

Is this fixed yet? 20 chars

definitely not (tralala)

Come on Devs, this is not a good look.


I’m unable to finish this mastery, after 2 years!!

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Relic please, please do something about it! :confused: I’m unable to complete challenge 9 both on Xbox and PC.

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Still having the issue as of 11/12/2023. Will report back after the 11/14/2023 update if this bug is fixed. Please relic don’t miss this one for us China enjoyers.

Patch not found in the upcoming bugfix, guess either not awared of or will be fixed in the late November bugfix?

I have completed the mastery. Seems to be fixed, at least for me. Here’s what I did. I played vs easy AI for sake of sanity and speed. Rush to Imp age and then build all 4 techs, zhu ge nu level 3 and 4 fire lancers level 4 and the ancient techniques tech. Then close the game out with some landmark smashing and gg. End of game and it worked. Hope all my other China enjoyers can get past this mastery, good luck all.

p.s. if you unlock zhu ge nu level 3 from archery range it will not complete. be very careful not to accidentally make this tech until you have the spirit way.

They will not fix it. I have faith in them to sit back and enjoy Tea!

Still bad. This for sure will not be completed.

Is there a fix … I found the same thing. 8x times and can’t find a path to #9. It’s January 2024 and still no fix? Can’t they find one programmer to walk the code and fix the path?

Found a way:

The way to complete the mastery is by NOT UPGRADING NEITHER ZHUGE NU OR FIRE LANCER FROM ARCHERY RANGE/STABLE , but through the Spirit Way landmark. Most people get confused by seeing only 3 icos, but the Zhuge Nu is a 2 time upgrade.

It doesn’t matter the building order for the landmark, nor needed to be on the last dinasty. As long as you get these 4 upgrades from the landmark itself, you’re clear.

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