"Unable to connect, Unknown error

Hello all, i am completely at a loss here. My friend and i are trying to play a game on lan. We can’t see each other in the lobby list and when either of us attempt to invite the other to a game we get “Unable to join connect, Unknown Error”.

A few details: There is a pihole ad blocker on the network. We are on a wired lan connection routed through a router (netgear r7000). The routers firmware is up to date. Both computers are Windows 10 and fully up to date. I own the game on steam as well as on xbox game pass and my roommate is using game pass. This issue happens on both the steam and game pass version.

We have also both tested with other lobby types including public with the same results.

Any input or things to check would be greatly appreciated.

I’m a steam user, my friend is windows store user… we get, both, the same error when trying to join each other’s game.

You should post this (or move this topic) to #age-of-empires-ii:aoe2-support
There you will be able to find a solution :smile: