Unable to deposit relics in a religious bulding Age of Empires 4

when playing the English i notice that you can’t place relics in religious buildings

if you right-click on it nothing happens

If you use the E key nothing happens you can just pick them up and put them down

the building makers show no relics attached to the building and you are not generating income


I had the same issue in the Rus campaign. Was this after loading a saved game?

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Hey @Prosperow! Was this during Campaign or Skirmish? Was this with any specific building?

I had this in the Campaign - specifically the (2nd?) Lincoln Battle… the one where you defeat the 2 forts.

I picked up the Relic - I have no idea how to deposit to the “Monastery” that I built at the village (not at the Lincoln castle).

As other’s have mentioned, I find the “drop off” of relics a strange user journey, do I use a “drop relic” button on the monk? do I left click? do I right click on a monastery, is 0/0 meaning that there can be no relic deposited… (rather than for example 0/3 and would expect 1/3,2/3 etc as you deposit), either way, it’s felt a little flaky with relics so far.

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I have the same problem, It happened to me on the English campaign and now keeps happening in the French campaign. It is always, not only when I save or load the game.

Same problem here, in the french campaign at the moment, happened both before and after a savegame was loaded.

had the same issue. norman campaign - the first mission where you finally have relics. And yes - it was a saved game.

This is STILL a bug. How come after months it hasnt been fixed yet? Pathetic.

I am also experiencing this bug in the Norman and Rus campaigns. I have attempted to upload some pictures with this of the final Norman Scenario showing the lack of relic numbers of the stats for the monastery while the stats relic 0/1 show up fine for each monk.

I have noticed in the Rus campaign this bug seems to cause the numbers for religious buildings to change to different states. Why, when or how is difficult to discern. However, I saw it go down from 2/4 to 2/1 on a religious building in an early Rus scenario. I believe it happened after constructing a new religious building, loading the game or capturing a city. None of those things changed the numbers during my Norman scenario as the numbers are simply not even there.

I believe these numbers are refreshing to previous ages defaults or scenario defaults based on certain actions. However, whatever is causing the numbers to refresh may be something unrelated to any simple event and happening intermittently due to some other check that happens often. It seems likely that is a function which is often called by other functions during certain events or changes.

Two hints that change the behavior of this bug may help locate it.

  1. During the final Norman scenario the monastery does not have any numbers at all. You also ‘start at age three’ in this scenario which is the age which allows you to build the monastery and use relics. In many scenarios where numbers are starting properly then changing, you start at age two or lower.

  2. Going up to age three and then building a religious building seems to start the numbers off properly. The numbers going down, but not disappearing seems to happen in the Rus scenarios more often the Norman scenarios. While disappearing or going to zero is focused mostly on the final Norman scenario at Lincoln.

Thanks to everyone for their reports to help collect this information.
Please have someone review and fix this issue as soon as possible.