Unable to get mastery achievments with every nation. And Mongol villager can´t mine gold

My Version via STEAM:
aoeliverelease age4

I have the problem that I´m not able to achieve any new mastery with every nation.
Plus the mongol villagers can´t mine gold.

Could please somebody please help me.

Thank you

Which specific mastery cant you obtain?

It is impossible to obtain with every nation.
Osman/Malier the first mastery
Holy Roman Empire/Rus/ Abbasieden the 6th mastery
China the 8th mastery
Delhi the 10th mastery
Mongol the 7th mastery

England and France are already finished

I just made a fresh installation of the game, but the bug is the same.

I just did the Mastery with HRE the last few days, this one works. I can confirm the Mastery with China, that really pisses me off. The others I have not yet tried.

I just tried the HRE mastery after I read your commend.
Still doesn´t work.

Screenshot 2023-09-14 065443

Maybe you are doing something wrong? At least it worked for me :frowning:

There is no problem in completing this task, maybe you are making some mistakes somewhere that you don’t recognise. Remember also that there are certain limitations, especially when it comes to the nation, you have to gain a certain level of dominion there.

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I installed the game on another computer. But the bugs are still the same.
Mongols can´t mine gold and so on…