Unable to get steam achievement with finished campaign

I was playing offline, finished the hundred years campaign and when i reconnect i didn’t get the finished campaign achievement, and when deleted the save files and replayed the entire thing i still didn’t get the achievement. Now i can’t get the Jean Bureau icon.

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Hey @ItalicDwarf2316! Sorry you are running into this. We are aware of some weirdness around Achievements after disconnect/load and the team is looking into it.

Hi @SavageEmpire566 ,

Any update on this? Should we have to do the entire campaign to test it, or the achievements will aplly directly?

Achievements/masteries are still not firing after loading a saved game. I’m unfortunately not aware of the timeline for this work.

Hi, I hope this gets fixed soon. This and defensive structures bug are game breaking bugs for me. I quit playing for 2 months because of these 2 bugs and I come back and they are still there. The player base seems to be giving up on age 4, just take a look at the steam charts , 102 ranked for players. Something as simple as saving and loading a game should have been at the top of the bug list from day one instead we get patches for taking away a point of health from a unit and so on. I don’t want to sound like a mean person which I am not but these bugs have been in the game from launch 6 months ago and I paid 60 bucks for a game I can’t even save and load and get achievements or build a tower or keep that gets hit with an arrow and becomes a garden gnome. I am truly sorry for sounding this way but I have played 20 buck early access games from a single dev that I can save and load and still get achievements. It is very frustrating that Microsoft can’t seem to fix these bugs in 6 months.