Unable to join game. Error: unknown error

every time i try joining a public game i keep getting this error. private and friends only games work fine. i scored around 1200 on the online benchmark, dont know if that matters or not. i tried restarting my router and that didnt help either. please help

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My friend and I are having the same issue with any game at all, can’t join public or our own private games.

The error I get is that the lobby doesn’t exist.
It’s almost like it adds me to the lobby, changing the number of players from 5 to 6.
Therefore the game is full and removed from the lobby list.
And now it tries to ‘join’ me in the lobby, which isn’t in the list any more.

I have the same issue. The game has more bugs than it had in beta…

Got the same issue. Can’t play online with friends. This needs a fix

Same problem here. I bough it on Steam few days ago with 2 friends and i’m the only one who can’t join AND see any lobby.

I tried another PC but same result, then since i’ve the XGP, i tried to play with the Win10 edition and it’s even worse because i can’t even see my connection quality on the lobby brower.

I think it’s a modem problem that might be too old because despite the change of pc nothing change…

I’m sick of those unfinished games

I had the same problem and I think I found the solution (two players one from Steam, other one from XBox Live).

You need to have exactly the same version (numbers on main screen & you should see the same games in Multiplayer mode). If versions are different you will see different games and can’t join to play together even if you are invited.

How to update - steam does it automatically (or google how to do it) / Xbox Live -> open Microsoft Store and check for updates -> click it several times until you see update for Age of Empires - you need to still click download).

To install game on Windows from Xbox Live you need to update to newest version of Windows 10. You don’t have to it when installing from Steam but to join games without problems you anyway need to do it (go to windows updated and install all updates).


I have a similar problem. I usually play on my desktop but my RX580 was dead a couple of days so now i am using my Microsoft surface pro 3 for the short term to play AOE2 (Yes very low settings to make it okay to play multi). Anyway i am able to get into the multiplayer servers lobby to see which matches to play but when i try to enter any server i get the message " Unable to join game, Error: server error"

I turned off my firewall and etc and still get this issue. My game is updated.

I am playing through steam which i presume is not an issue.

Can anyone suggest anything that i might have missed?


Have the same problem im xbox live login and got it from MS Store any solution ?

is their any solution for this or not??
kindly confirm me

same problem here, :frowning: