Unable to launch Content Editor (Bridge failed load step [mod interface])

I am unable to launch content editor. It keeps failing with error “Bridge failed load step [mod interface]”

EssenceEditorLog.txt indicates
EssenceEditor.exe Information: 0 : Loading step: [ModInterface]
EssenceEditor.exe Information: 0 : Loading step: [Localization]
EssenceEditor.exe Information: 0 : FILESYSTEM – filepath failure, missing alias ‘locale:en*.ucs’
EssenceEditor.exe Information: 0 : Mod Interface – Failed load for step: ‘Localization’
EssenceEditor.exe Information: 0 : Bridge – Failed load for step: ‘ModInterface’

and below screen short pops up


I purchased Aoe4 on Microsoft Store and installed it in D:\XBoxGames (not the default C:\XBoxGames)
I run the editor from the start menu icon.

any idea how I can fix this ?


Me too, can’t solve this problem.waiting

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me too snif, i wanted to make big water maps but i can’t, so strange
i saw on internet that the file we need is “contenteditor.exe” who is an application on internet videos, but in my computer it’s a config file, and the apllication is named “essenceeditor”, really strange

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I’ve the same problem, i send a mail with that report to microsoft team, if i can solve i’ll tell

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Ho installato AOE il 10/02/2023 e ho riscontrato un problema analogo, dopo aver avviato l’editor ed è apparso avviso.