Unable to pan down in windowed mode

I’m unable to pan down using the mouse in Windowed mode. I have to rescale the window & the game window then is no longer over the Taskbar. I’m being forced to use Windowed mode as I have the same brown/blue bug as in AOE3 on full screen. How to fix this?

Hey there, that’s definitely strange. You might want to try changing your resolution settings in-game while in windowed mode as it seems your settings might be too large for your screen resolution.

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Thanks for replying! I managed to fix it somewhat, but I have to first unlock mouse from the screen, slightly tilt the window upwards (without autoresizing so that it exposes the taskbar), then relock the mouse to window. I wonder if there’d be a way to keep the “height” of the window, so I don’t have to reset each time?

sc2 has full screen windowed mode set so that you can choose your resolution, is there any plan for you to implement that? reason being i have a SAMSUNG 49" Class 1000R Curved (5120 x 1440) monitor which is super ultra wide i use it as 3 monitors i usually run the game in the middle at 2560 x 1440 if i run your game in windowed mode i can not use mouse camera move downwards or south. if i run the game in full screen there is literally 4ft of monitor that i have to look across over and over during the game making it unplayable.

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