Unable to play online since launch

Hello, i just found the solution. It was indeed a firewall problem, since i used the command : “netsh advfirewall set allprofiles state off”, everything works “fine”.

I don’t know why i needed to use cmd to achieve that because the firewall was already off?!

But anyway, a big thanks to both of u! It’s nice to see that the community is always helping each other.


Okay. Actually I thought you had tested this already because it’s such obvious thing for people to test.

Now you could also try with reset WFW to default settings through control panel and Windows firewall section. I just check my WFW for rules regarding AOE II DE and I found only one.

So check if this rule is listed for outgoing traffic.

Glad its working now, have fun!!

Well it’s was fun for the 5 minutes i was able to play with my friends. Got DC every single time … A real emotion rollercoaster.

I did a test with the 4G connection of my smartphone. There everything connects directly, I see the public servers, … So the modem is the problem but I have no idea to fix it because the ports are open and I do not know more than that

I would contact your ISP about this. There might be something wrong with your coax cable. Only they can help you with this issue.

Yes, I will contact them tomorrow morning and I hope to find someone competent because the after sales service of Orange is not very experienced…

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Unfortunately, as I thought, they are all incompetent. They do not even know their products and have no solutions … I think I’m just going to change supplier, it’s not the competition that is missing!

If it is a problem with your incoming cable changing provider wouldn’t help if they deliver their signal over the same bad cable.

You should do a continues ping test to the gateway of your provider (after your modem) to see how often packets get lost. That way you can proof bad quality cable and maybe they will follow up then.

Get a little bit more help from a tech savvy friend is what you need.