Unaswered Questions From the Upcoming Update

After today’s bombshell announcement(that already had leaked anyway…), everyone here seems to be either very excited or very angry at the addition of the USA as a Primary Civ and its unique mechanics. While I’m cautiosly optimistic about the USA Civ, I have some questions about the future of the rest of the game…

  1. Are we getting any other new content besides the new Civ? New maps? New native allies? New units? New mechanics?

  2. Will the already present civilizations be rebalance to accomodate the addition of a new civ that seems to be quite powerful and flexible?

  3. What happens to the Revolution Mechanic?! With the USA as a Primary Civ, the Revolutions will feel weirdly out of place in the game’s logic. Will the Revolutions be reworked or adapted in some manner or are they simply going to remove the USA as an option and keep it as it is?

  4. Could the USA open the door to a new batch of “Colonial” Civs like Brazil, Mexico, Gran Colombia, Argentina, Chile, etc. to also be promoted to Primary Civ?


They will have to, and teh USA will have to go through years of nerfs. I can guarantee you it will be tournament banned for the longest time, because it basically is all Euro civs put together, and that is too strong. It will also shatter Treaty.

It should be deleted, and instead Euro civs should get TC upgrades taht affect their weaker aspects.

It HAS to, otherwise this is too much American Exceptionalism, and thsi game will die out.


Feels dumb that they reworked the revolutions and then just add a revolutionary nation as main next thing.


That’s actually what I care about most.
Oh and also campaigns.

According to aussie_drongo the Europeans are getting their saloons redone (which is now the unique building for the US), so the DLC should come with at least an update.

That would be a good idea. I was never a fan of the Saloon (the design and choice of building itself). The late Wild West design contrasted heavily with the early modern colonial architecture of the rest of one’s colony. Something like a tavern or coffee house could serve the same purpose for European civs.


What I think they should do is to give the new “European saloon” some additional functions like the “US capitol”.

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They should make European Mercenary buildings have a limit of 2, natively.
Also, they need to give Europeans different Outlaws than the USA, like always having Wokou Ronin in Ports, Dutch and Brits, for example.

Also I’ve seen a bunch of new mercenaries. It would be more fun if they are not unique to US.

On the contrary, all those new Outlaws (not Mercenaries, Owlhoots, Cowbows and the other unit are Outlaws, which is a completely different unit class) are stated to be UNIQUE to the USA.

I know the outlaws are (they are basically reskined Pistolero/Renegado/Comanchero) but I see some upgrades or cards enable “mercenaries” like zouaves and napoleon guns.

Oh and there is another minor detail I noticed: the “consulate” Magyar Hussar that US gets seems to speak a different language (should Hungarian idk). The old revolution unit speaks the language of the mother country.

I would happily skip those, if they made European civs always have Wokou Ronin and Blind Monks as Outlaws, in all maps, since those are the actually good Outlaws, that benefit from Dance Hall and Wild West (their pop cost is reduced to 1).

Can you provide a link to it?

If it was from the Aussie_Drongo video, I had trouble hearing the sounds of the Units. He’s talking all the time, and even for a moment you can’t hear something in the background.

It’s on aussie_drongo’s channel but I forgot which one. Should be the building or unit video where the Magyar Hussar appears.