Unavailable/bugged hotkeys

Game version: aoeliverelease1 age4

All the following reports are related to fully remappable hotkeys.

Shipwrights, which is the naval upgrade succeeding Armored Hull, should have its own remappable custom hotkey in the Dock section, but it does not, nor it inherits the hotkey you set for Armored Hull.

Pax Mongolica, the newly introduced upgrade for Mongols and available at the Oovoo, cannot be customized within the Oovoo section.

When you play as the Mongols, the hotkeys for your Siege upgrades and double production overlap. For my usual setup with any other civilization, I like to produce siege units with Q,W,E,R,A, and thenwhile having the upgrades tab opened, I like to research the upgrades with Q,W,E,R, etc. Now when I’m playing as Mongols I find myself with this ridiculous situation which I cannot fix (see attached file).

The Prelate’s Holy Inspiration has no remappable custom hotkey within the Unique Unit Abilities sections.

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Came here to report that shipwright hotkey cannot be set in the hotkeys settings and it doesn’t seem to have one already assigned. I guess this is already reported here so a new post is not required?