Unbalace civil at treaty games

The civil at treaty games are totally unbalance.you put aura at some of them and aura gives them power at treaty games.also some civil are ver buff like ottomans.and dutch that civil you create is not civil you think play against of 2.if want balance somehow the civil at treaty must mercan go in some of them.for exsmple highlanders at british jaagers at germany papal units at italy all train from barracks.

By civil, you mean mercenaries?? If so, yes mercemary training at barracks should keep as sweden bonus. Its unfair for them to let other civs do the same.

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again, civil really does not mean what you think it means, either use the standard short form like “civ” or write it out full.

maybe agree with ur proposal of Italians, the papal unit train mechanics is not viable in treaty.

Υεs this i mean but onlysomething like that we have balance at countries .think that play british against mexico in one way soldados in other way highlanders