Underwater Fisherman?

Found this data entry in official game’s data file. The graphics file for it doesn’t exist though. What can this be?


If villagers can swim to catch fish, can they also go swim out to repair my ships?

Has that always been in the game and is just a remain of some very early alpha stuff or was that added recently?


Mermaid civ confirmed


would be awesome if we have gold mine, stone mine at water. Atleast would make it worth to invest on water. xD

Pearls can be gold for underwater.

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this from the PUP i presume? so i guess something is coming eventually to make use of that idea

going back on original hotkeys.json which was added couple patch prior to MR, which is later used for the mule cart so means DLC civs OR campaign DLC will likely make use of those?

Maybe Pearl Divers? [20 characters]