Unethical representation of Delhi Sultanate as Indian Civ

Or just wait until they release a Hindu civ.

Imo it should show greater respect to each cultural or ethnic group than in the past and represent them as accurately as possible. But this civ is just not supposed to be doing what it’s accussed for. It is made clear in its description page that they were not a native power and formed this state as an invading force.
I get the complains though. If I were from India I would likely want a civ from my subcontinent that would at least represent some native culture or state, if not necessarily my own.

Not saying Hindu civ.

It’s not about religion. It’s about culture & ethnicity.

I don’t take religions seriously. But culture matters. When Roman Empire accepted Christianity they didn’t forgot who they are and where they came from


Players often want the unrealizable. In addition, the discussed sultanate is an Islamic state, so it definitely should not be an example of Indian culture. Also, do not forget that the game is not an encyclopedia of the cultures and history of the peoples of the world, it is primarily a game, if the developer decided that they do not need India, then there is nothing wrong with it, it means that there is simply no concept for it. I will be glad to see India in the game, but it seems to me that its absence is not a reason to make a scandal, there are hundreds of different peoples and cultures in the world, can you imagine what will happen if each ethnic group wants its own separate faction with a reliable display of its features? And let me remind you that AoE 4 is not going to let go of AoE 2 and create over9999 factions, so you need to be prepared for the fact that someone will not be in the game, this is normal.

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True! Absolutely the point !

Well ! if you ignore a 18% of whole world, and birth place of many important stuff, n 4 major religions. then its certainly a blunder (will u ignore a China ? or whole Europe ? or just have mongols no need for china, or maybe just have Francs, no need for other europeons :slight_smile: )

I want to say that now on the forum a lot of representatives of small ethnic groups express a desire for a faction representing their culture to appear in the game, this is certainly very interesting, but I repeat that the game is not an encyclopedia of cultures and peoples of the world, this is a game, and this is normal that it may not have some culture or representation of some religion or people. The game in order to enjoy the gameplay.

Well, here its not about a SMALL ethnic group , its a about a tremendously large ethnic group!

  • And yet people are intrested to play this game on the basis of historical factor “also”
  • And the devs themselves claim, they want this game to be a representation of historical and cultural facts
  1. People may be interested in a lot, this does not mean that now factions of all ethnic groups should appear in the game.
  2. The developer stated that the game is based on historical events. Based on, not following the story thoroughly, it doesn’t have to be a textbook.

Each group considers itself to be the most important, we have already gone through this. I still repeat a simple thesis, the game is not an encyclopedia, and does not set itself the task of displaying all cultures, religions and peoples. If some people are not in the game, this does not create a reason for indignation. I understand that it would be nice to play for “friends”, but you need to understand that this is primarily an RTS game, which sets the gameplay as the main goal.

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What? (character limit)

Well everyone is important in their own way, but some are very important throughout the history ! other wise, u wouldn’t have China or Franc or Mongols or others in the game!
and South Asian SubContinent belong to those few !

Yes you can’t represent all ethnic groups but what I’m saying is you can’t represent Conquistadors as Aztecs even if they have conquered their land and completely wiped them out.

I repeat for the third time, the game is not an encyclopedia that aims to tell about all ethnic groups, religions and cultures, there is no such task.Any nation can consider itself the most important or one of the most important, this does not change the fact that this is just a game, and it is not obliged to every ethnic group.


The comparison was naive. Where does in the game say that Delhi Sultanate represents Indians culturally or ethnically or religiously or in any such way? The civ is called Delhi Sultanate isn’t that how that polity was called? Wasn’t it based in Delhi and conquered most of the indian subcontinent? If you have a problem that indians (culturally) aren’t represented in the game thats a different point. But this is a new game, civ balance is the most important with assymetric design and huge empires of the era like byzantium or ottomans aren’t represented as well so i don’t get your frustation.
TL;DR There is nothing unethical in representing a historical polity. If this offends you then maybe stop bringing real world politics and/or nationalism in gaming. I am Greek, i never was frustrated about playing the Ottomans in various games. Hoi4 Has nazi germany i really don’t get why this is worth discussing.


It’s about India, if the developer finds it interesting to create a DLC with India and the corresponding company it will be good, if not, then it’s not so scary. In any case, this is definitely a case for additions.

Im repeating second time , every nation consider themselves important , but there are only few that really are , and its a FACT that, South Asian civ have been always the important ones throughout the history. So just to be very clear to you , its not about if the civ is important or not , it is simply as important as, China , Francs or others !

This does apply that , it can be mentioned in forums by the users, that an important part/civ that deserved to be OBVIOUSLY mentioned, is not mentioned

I don’t exactly see the disagreement but I think you should be able to realize that a game doesn’t have to be an encyclopedia to show greater respect to each group than 1999’s AoEII and in fact it seems to be doing so from what we’ve seen or heard.

Also keep in mind that the devs’ marketing on greater historical accuracy, their trips around the world and their documentaries have understandably raised many people’s expectations on historical depictions.

Unlike you, I wouldn’t be glad to see just ‘India’ in the game, that would be such a horrible anachronism. Our Indian members here have made several reasonable suggestions of a potential native Indian civ. But in any case, the devs’ decision to not include a native Indian civ surely doesn’t make it any more right or wrong as you said and certainly does not mean that there is no concept for such a civ. It’s just a decision that they took and we have to accept atm.
Perhaps that ‘scandal’ that you say could be better understood if you put yourself in the position of a native Indian. The case sounds very similar to having the Emirate of Cordoba as the only Iberian civ or the Latin Empire in place of Byzantium.


And so each ethnic group will say that mentions are important, and will create theme on the forum, and the developers are obliged to create a faction for them? I do not think so. I repeat once again, this is a topic for an addition, nothing more. And also specially once again, this is a game, and not an encyclopedia, if we were to write a textbook, we would have to mention all important cultures and ethnic groups, and here we seem to be going to play a game that does not set the goal of being a history textbook, it never they were not.

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I think in effort to increase your count of repeats, u forgot to read , whats mentioned . That I’m not talking about just any other faction, Im talking about an equivalent major civ that certainly fits the need.

BTW @UrbanizedGem684
U are one of the neutral person that Ive seen in long time on the forums ! appreciate your POV

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In the meantime, I repeat once again that this is a great topic for an add-on, so just wait. And the place of starting civilizations is perfectly occupied by the leading countries of that time, which, with all due respect, did a little more for world history.

The Delhi Sultanate is not named Indians.
It’s not unethical to represent in a game with an historical context…; an historical context.
Delhi Sultanate is perfectly in the time-frame of the game, and fighted and pushed back the Mongols, it’s the reasons why they were chosen. And as the Devs already answered, it don’t stop them to add another empire from this area, which will highlight another trope (for exemple the conquest of Chola).

You can’t deny historical events. Mughals were a really important empire for exemple. But I totally agree than AoE 3 was dumb to name Mughals as Indians.
But in AoE 4, Delhi Sultanate, is named : Delhi Sultanate, not Indians

And you exemples are really bad, a lot of Europeans, would like to have the Moors or the Ottomans in the game, even if they conquered european lands.