Unethical representation of Delhi Sultanate as Indian Civ

I’m not sure why evey time game developers represents indians as entire muslim civ. In AOE 2 when they added Indian civ for first time they used middle Eastern architecture set in it then they used Mughal Empire in AOE 3 and Akabar as leader.

Each and every time game developers choose Delhi sultanate and mughal empire to represent india. I’m getting tired of seeing Afghan Ghors, Ghajnavids and Ethnic Turks represented as indians.

It’s just like showing entire Europe as set of Muslim kingdoms just because Moors conquered Part of spain and Ottoman conquered Byzantine Empire.


#1 Games shouldn’t care about ethics

#2 We will get another Indian civ


I’m not sure about getting another indian Civ in DLC.

I’ll be happy if developers just remove Delhi from Delhi Sultanate. Because There’s nothing indian about this civ accept name.

I understand Developers wanted add one Persian civ. Abbasid civ is one then what is logic behind making massed up civ like Delhi sultanate.

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In AoE4 the Delhi Sultanate is not a faction that represents India. It is simply a historical faction nothing more and nothing less. I don’t understand why people have to always be so nationalistic that they can’t understand that. This game is not made to represent modern nations but medieval Empires, Kingdoms and other entities of the past.


But why Islamic faction when there are many indian factions

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Because the Delhi Sultanate was the strongest faction in India for much of the late middle ages.


You have already told, the developers were reported that more Indian civilizations will be added in the future


India is very large to be described as one civ. There were many ethnic groups. Rajput clans, Cholas, Chaulukya , Sikhs, many more.

What I’m saying is if developers can add Celts & Britons or Slaves & Vikings at same time then why can’t they make Mughal & Maratha/Sikh or Chola/Chalukya/Rajputs and Khiljis/Tughlaq at same time.

They don’t treat it like European Factions


This is a different game. There are only 8 factions and they are chosen in a way that they can interact partly with each other. There are no Celts or Vikings in this game. That is AoE2 you are talking about.

It was already confirmed that there will be at least 1 more Indian civ coming up in the future.

But please leave you political nationalism and hate for Muslims out of the game. It is a game about history and that history has nothing to do with how states are today.


No I don’t hate muslim but it’s not fair to watch your culture and identity getting replaced by other even if it just a game.


You don’t understand it, do you? Your civ is and was never replaced. It was never in the game to begin with. Whether tat is good or bad is a different discussion. But I guess it’s impossible to tell that to someone who is just not able to view history as a separated thing of the past.


Ok another nonsense thead why Delhi Sultanate is a thing made by an Indian because of their stupid political bias.
Forgive me if I’m being rude. I’m seeing these stupid threads over and over again with nonsense logic.

With my ranting is done search on Google about Delhi Sultanate and see why they played a major role in Medieval history.


Delhi Sultanate represents Delhi Sultanate, and for sure a lot of fans we want more Indian civs, and devs said it that there will be more.

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It doesn’t matter. Whenever there’s an Indian civ in any game, there’s always going to be complaints about them “not being representative” enough. They don’t want representation, they want all of the Indian states into the game.

Muslims didn’t conquer all of Europe, but they did conquer most of India


Yet another thread !!! Cool !

Devs didnt realized what blunder they did !

just because this franchise has smaller south asian user base, doesnt mean , it will always be smaller :confused:

And as the user base will grow ! (if it grows) ! this will be a more serious concern

U meant to say , they neither conquered all of India , and nor all of the Europe
(also the map you presented, is a Selective Context, existed for a very short time,in later ages of the, one of 5 dynasties , in 150 years of Delhi sultanates lifespan)

South Asia needed,

a native Civ,

that has to be one of the first 8 Civs !


It does not represent India or Indians. It represents the Delhi Sultanate. An entity that was a major power despite not coinciding with a single group of people that can be traced and described in modern terms as a separate nation. I guess seeing how we always had ‘Indians’ as a civ, people will understandably get confused and think that it is aimed to represent Indians as a whole but it really doesn’t. And that’s evident by the fact that they are named as a political entity rather than with an ethnonym.


It doesnt “represent india”. It represents the delhi sultanate. Which was a usual military empire back in medieval times.


I am amazed that people think that AoE 4 must accurately and reliably portray their particular culture. And no one makes the same claims to AoE 2, for example, although it is even worse in terms of historicity … In addition, the Delhi Sultanate is a well-known historical state that successfully existed and was Islamic, so the question is closed and did not make sense from the beginning.



But I’ll hope moding features comes bit early and reskins for some of it units and buildings. So if anyone don’t like, they can get rid it.

Like previous aoe 2.