Unexplained early quits and in mass

I was playing a ranked games (800 eloish) where the three players in my team, except me left without explanation. At 27 min of very early play (feudal/castle), where their bases are intact it’s not normal.

The normal behaviour would be to fight until either you win or at the point you know the enemy overwelms you. Now tell me how are you supposed to win team games, if in a “team” games, the entire team of three “team-mates” quits at the same time without giving a fight? You can’t idiot.

As a result of 3 people in my team early quitting simulteanously, with the other team having 4 players, I know the fight is already lost. It’s obvious to say: it just takes an early quitter, to elo-punish you. But everyone in the team, except you, quitting like that refusing to give a fight 3vs 4??? It is too fishy.

**You don’t quit just because you see a couple of scouts attempting to flush your eco. **
You know you can take out a scout rush with the right counters.

Early quitter are this: they make up any excuse to screw you and they know it.

MP Replay v101.101.59165.0 @2022.03.20 004721 (2).aoe2record (2.0 MB)

Get yourself teammates you know and communicate with. Like discord pals or something. Otherwise ranked Team games can often be very frustrating.

Or just stick to quick play, where you can at least go for a Wonder victory if your team quits.

The problem is games with too early quits are the rule, not the exception. The team with early quits dies 90% of times and this makes playing ao2 not fun.

Some people obviously don’t like me to the point where they even thank me to leave ao2 and I obviously don’t like them either. But honestly, the only solution I see to poor gaming behaviour is just to stop play ao2. Some will even thank me to be out, but this is only a sign of the trash-behaviour around ao2 gaming these days.

I used to have plenty fun with ao2 in old school times. Even multi used to be cool and with mostly anyone not necessarily your known-besties. Now there’s mostly cheating, harassing, quick-cheap play, team-blame-game, dishonest playing, early qutting and player hipocrisy…

That some like this new normal and don’t mind to adapt to it, it’s their problem. I think the current normal is a sign of complete decadence, compared to older days as values of cooperation, respect, fighting spirit, and unpretensious honest play are just gone.

Frankly, the behaviours I’ve been seeing in general in ao2 rank team multiplay are the very opposite of what should be a healthy game or healthy game communities. But since gamers come from society, maybe it’s just a clear sign some societies have chosen to become too rot and decadent, so gamers reflect likewise behaviours unaware.

I don’t need those rot scumbag behaviours in my life, and frankly - this comes as an experienced advice - don’t expect kind treatment in the future if you behave like this in daily life. One day, your hipocrisy will bite you.

My advice would be to stop playing 4v4 and play 2v2 or 1v1 instead. Try to meet other players through the game and team up with them. Or like L0omaster said, find a few players you get along with and start a team, playing with randoms is always a gamble, and the lower the elo the worse it gets it seems.

See my second post. Just confirms what I told. Gone are the days where you could play against mostly anyone out there with decency and respect. That you can only find respect for sure among niche friends and known-pals… that is extremely sad. Things changed significantly, and for the very worst I tell you. These are not new times, these are failed times.

Okay i watched the replay… It’s not easy for me because i see so many dumb stuff going on that is hard to watch, but basically an 8 scouts rush from 1 player won the game. None of your allies build military buildings, and both had holes in their walls. As soon as the scouts got in, they resigned. It’s impossible to win matches with players like these, and quite frankly i’d never play 4v4 again lol 3 players in that match had a “largest army” of 1 unit lol

You can create a 2nd account to bump you up to 1000 elo. if you win most of the placement matches you’ll be ranked a little higher, maybe 1200 or 1300 TG and you’d avoid these players. Seriously they’re not playing Aoe, they should be playing Sim City or something.

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A gamble and its normal developments (i.e. team a or team b steam-rolling after x-time is one thing…), but the lack of respect for team-players I’ve been seeing in general experience - with few exceptions - is not the environment I want. I know I could play with pals, or team-mates but it’s not the kind of experience I wanted: respect among players, as a general rule, whatever the friendly or known status is what I expect, no less.

Maybe my standarts are too high, but I prefer to keep them. This experience is not what I’m looking for.

Unfortunately, my advice would be that trusting others, esp. people you dont know in advance, to behave well and respect, can and will have devasting results, both in game and in real life.

I am not convinced that other game communities are better, there are rage quitters in LOL, dota2, csgo…

I agree that the society has changed alot since the internet era tho.


What you’re looking for is the mentality of higher elo players, the guys that don’t resign until they’re completely dead, that know how to defend themselves or attack or do something, i get that. I don’t think you’ll ever find it at 800 elo 4v4, i can tell you that. Play 2v2, win some matches and get your elo higher above 1000 at least, then you’ll start finding people who take the game a little bit more seriously. Maybe i’m being mean to low elo players, and for that i’m sorry, but i’ve seen maybe 5 or 6 replays of your matches and it’s a sim city festival for 6 out of 8 players.

Trust me rage quitters exist at mid-high elo as well 11, it is much rarer tho

Lol even i have rage quitted, but not because a scout rush got into my base! But i only play 2v2 and 3v3 with my friends, no random teams. So either we all rage quit or we fight to the end xD

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Change but for Tera-worse… Not wanting to take your optimism, but see my comparison as a warning sign many societies today are going very wrong, and blindly keep racing to the abyss. I encourage you to stay away from wrong behaviours even if they are encouraged in platforms like this gaming platform.

I am pretty desperate about that as well you know 11.

On the other hand, I dont think respecting others are something rich (or rather disrespecting others are something rare) at the past - in the history of human there are uncountable wars, arguments, etc. I just think that internet brings the disrepsect and hostile in light. I think I never expect others to respect me from my lifetime (I do respect others tho)

But honestly I think AOE2 already has the least hostile environment compared to other multiplayer games… (and other environments, you know, company politics)

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Yes, you’ll see. I was more optimistic when I entered ao2 gaming like 2 months ago… now, I feel disappointed, irreversible loss of confidence. Like when you’re in relationship and the other person is just making you waste your time, does not care, does make any effort for you. I don’t need that.

If that’s the case, why not play 1v1?

The joys and battles of healthy cooperative team-game are not replaceable by competitive 1 on 1. I played 1 on 1 but team-game was - and I insist on the verb - was my focus.

Well in that case, all i can say is don’t let other players ruin your fun. You’re letting something that is out of your control ruin the game for you, and that’s not right. Also remember that the more people in a team, the higher the chance someone is going to screw up lol

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