Unfair paid to win game

This game is becoming a Paid to win type game…and it realy sucks…what i mean is the extra civs some players BUY and then have a clear unfair advantage , its not heard to tell the new 'Buy" civs have clear buffs that make it the better civs…just unfair to some one that doesnt want to buy or cant buy the 'paid to keep up ’ new game play…this game is not a skill based game any more…its a bigger wallet is the winner game.

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You pay for content not to win…
Personnally I bought each DLC and my Elo is still the same… Or maybe I did something wrong ?

In the last few weeks, there has been an upsurge in hate messages about the game…

Relax guys! It’s Christmas soon )




Nah bro. There is always a broken civ left unchecked once in a while tho. DLCs are for another topic, so that’s all I had to say.

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we all pay to lose. each time dlc comes out we pay for them to crash the game more and more often


I hate DLCs, so I didn’t buy, and I don’t think buying them will help me win games.

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Which is Franks and it is free to play after you buy the game. 11

Latest DLC is literally pay to lose. 11


What are you talking about?
The Georgians are literally the worst civ on the ladder right now and the Armenians are clearly below average.

The only DLC civilisation that is somewhat good are the Romans and they are still in 4th place.

I buy them for the campaigns…then I used the civs in multi and neither fu nor fa…I liked the LotW ones…

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Yes, the Armenians are a civ of archers, you can easily counter them with Skirmishers, the Georgians with many Pikemen too, the Romans are strong, because they are Rome xd…

I dislike most of the new civs so I removed the DLC from my account to avoid randoming into them

Did you deactivate all the dlcs?..

Bohemians were the top civ on the previous patch, I think – although probably better at lower levels. Otherwise generally I agree, and the last DLC in particular is not remotely pay to win.

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Why did you buy them, then?

Dudo que esto exista en inglés

just deactivating only disables the campaigns. you need to remove them from your account (this is reversable though)

can’t really know if you like them before you buy them, can you? Also i enjoyed the campaigns


Error del traductor de Google xd…

Oh yeah… I don’t deactivate the DLCs, because you’re going to run into their civs in the multi…

Until 1600 arguably 2k civ pick doesn’t matter much.

Besides, some OG Civs are among the currently strongest, like Mayans, Franks, Huns, Britons, Mongols, Spanish (depends a lot on the map too).

Yes you can roll a bad civ matchup like, you go Franks and he rolls Berbers (Franks are far stronger in Feudal btw so as long as you learn to gain an advantage in every age you’re still playing the better civ), then again you can roll a good matchup too, like opponent is Hindustanis and you are Ethiopians or Britons.

DLCs that are older than the 3 newest DLCs should become free automatically.

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Civ picking matters, but the high elo balance doesn’t matter.

But I at 1200 elo have clear patterns of which civs are good for me and which are bad.

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it may not matter much for competitiveness (although I doubt that, considering that winrates are quite drastically different for different civs, even at lower levels. Even just having a plan matters)

but it certainly matters that I don’t want to play with a civ that has auras, or magic shields, or armour ignoring BS, because I don’t enjoy those