Unfair Rm1v1 matching (part 2)

Honestly, can any official admin explain to me about this?
The average difference is -53.22222222 per game.

when I was 1400, I always match up with 1500, and now when I come to 1500, the system very likely will assign 1600 up to me?
What’s the logic behind this?

My Elo Opponent Elo Difference
1524 1638 -114
1539 unknown NA
1550 1657 -107
1530 1614 -84
1545 1550 -5
1557 1612 -55
1548 1619 -71
1526 1468 58
1537 1638 -101

You have to feed the players in the upper chain, also there is less activity now, maybe cause of the map pool, who knows.

I also get matched vs higher players cause they were waiting more during the queue,nothing you can do the MM will always find awful matches when time is higher than 5 mins, 7 mins is always 2k vs 1500 11


That’s really sad, while I am always be the one who feed the upper players.
This account, since I started playing it from April till now, generally, is always facing higher ranking opponents, this situation get extremely worse since last month.

for my last post, people said that ± 100 is a very normal matching and it only about the win rate.
So my question is, why I am always the one to face the higher +100 elo one?
To those people who challenge me on this.
Please take a look of my last 10 games, and you can also take a look on my last post.
Or you can even search my user name: StrayDogBebop

it’s really bad for people saying i am trying to dig this little problem to a bigger one but in fact if they have such unfair matches and always lost due to this. They would be pissed too.

Completely false. Win rates seems to play no role at all in the match making.

This is the result of how match making works. Lets have an example (i dont know the specific rule, but this is kind of how it works). I will only look at 1v1.

  1. All players starts with searching for other players in the queue with minimum elo difference. For example:
    0-1 minute: max difference = 10
    1-2 minutes max difference = 50
    2-3 minutes max difference = 100
    3-4 minutes max difference = 200
  2. A match is made if at least 1 player will match with another person.

For example: If someone of 1700 elo is waiting in the queue for 3,5 minute, then he can be matched against everyone between 1500-1900. This means you might be a valid target to play for him if your rating is above 1500. Thus you both get matched. You current searching range doesnt matter.

Since the number of players it less dense at the top, they have to wait longer before they found a match, thus their search range will increase. And thus they are matched against lower rated players.

This is just how the system currently works. You know that 100 elo difference means that your win chance on paper is still around 40%. It is not like you have no chance of winning those game. They might be a bit harder then usual. But you still have a decent chance of winning.

You realise you’ve explained this stuff to this exact guy before. And he’s elo has climbed 100pts…

So either way he’s complaining for nothing as can literally be proven in his very first line of stats

He won vs someone with 114 higher elo…

Where’s your proof? Come say this again when you’ve either had a winning or losing streak at average elo (where the pool size doesn’t skew the search) it can be seen very quickly what it factors…

I can also say the oppositie: I have only seens people claiming winrates do matter, but no one could ever give me a proof. I have asked for the proof multiple times, but the only response i would get are some statements full of confirmation biased statements.

I have had many winning or losing streaks without noticing anythink. So your claim is just an example of a confirmation biased statement for me. That is no proof at all. Therefore i assume winstreaks dont matter, untill some comes with a proof, like a statement from the devs. For me ‘streak do matter’ is a false statement untill someone proofs otherwise.

it keeps giving me 1600+ players so I won 1 or 2 games, not surprised?