UnGarrisoning Causes Unit Deselection

Game Version: 5.0.14681.0

Context: I like to use the Garrison function “store” idle units in an adhoc defensive position. Like Horsemen jumping into forward outposts to discourage a feisty spearman.

Issue: Using Control Groups to Ungarrison Units will execute the ungarrison action but deselect the control group. It’s a relatively small issue and the player can simply hit their control group binding again to reselect those units, but it’s a bit more clunky than it needs to be. Could be streamlined.

How To Reproduce: Sign into Skirmish; Plant a TC (I play Mongols); Put Workers or Scout into Control Group and Garrison them into TC; ungarrison Units to a location using Control Group. The ungarrison action should automatically deselect your units, thus requiring you to key the control group again for command of the element.

This does make sense @Valentine1183. I can’t think of another instance where selecting a control group and issuing a command deselects that control group. I’ll take it to the team. Much appreciated!

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