Unintended consequences of new market selection. (Also a possible exploit)

As of update 34699, trade units now choose the farthest markets. This completely messes with the ideal market placement. Earlier the trade routes would have been:

The boxes represent markets and the lines trades routes.

But now since they go to the farthest market, they will try to cross-over, creating a lot of collisions:

I think the intention was to remove the necessity to delete old markets, but has the unintended consequence of disrupting ideal trade setup.

Not only that it has created a possible exploit where trade carts will be carrying gold both ways if a player can micro. For this we need to get the markets in the following setup:

Then whenever the trade carts reach any of your market, click them onto the nearby allied market and they will start trading with the farther market. Repeat when they reach the other market. This will effectively result in your trade carts being loaded both ways.


Couldn’t the “exploit” be achieved previously, albeit with more micro (because let’s be real you won’t realistically have enough time to micro your trade carts while you also have an army and villies) Also, what about trade cogs? Since you will need all your docks to produce war ships you can’t delete them to get a better trade route. And a simple workaround to this would be to make a market slightly closer so that it negates the crossline (and then again, with random elevations and forest you rarely get your markets to form a perfect rectangle)

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The difference is that if you tried to use this exploit earlier and stopped doing the micro, you would get almost nothing. But now if you stopped microing, the trade carts will still be loaded one way (as in have the original efficiency). And it takes half as much micro and since doing that isn’t necessary you can go now and then and reassign trade to get extra gold.

But with the state of DE pathing right now, trade carts just spend most of the time blocking each other.

Couldn’t this make slinging resources even better?
I mean, the guy slinging has plenty of time to micro due to lack of military. What do you think about that?

That stuff only happens when deletion of a market changes the route for the trade carts using that previous route. I don’t think that the newly created trade carts disobey the route specified by the gather point. The issue you stated could be a major issue in late games especially when you have 40-50 trade carts and markets can easily be destroyed by elite units. Some machine learning stuff is needed to resolve the issue, i guess.

I just came out of a 5v3 vs extreme AI and I didn’t observe any crossing occuring with all the trade carts we built (what is even better is that I had to build a wonder in the way and they were almost not impaired.