Unintentional ELO problem with ranked map system

We all know about smurfs who deliberately tank their ELO in order to face easier competition to stroke their ego. But this system of forcing people to play maps they hate is also causing problems with fair matchmaking. I honestly don’t think there are that many players who actually quit maps to lose ELO in order to smurf. I think a much bigger problem is people who quit because they are forced to play maps they hate. They don’t want to lose ELO. But they would rather lose points than play bad maps. Quitting makes their ELO tank, then when they finally get the map they want, they totally stomp the competition, because their skill level is way higher on the maps they like. Then ironically, the opponents who get stomped by these players think they’re against smurfs, but they’re usually not smurfs, they’re just map dodgers.

There’s got to be a solution to this, because the current system is unsustainable and boring. Like only 7 maps and 3 bans? Seriously?
More maps, more bans, surely nobody is against this? I’m talking like, 20 maps and at least 14 bans, preferably more.