Unique Architecture for Ottomans when?


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I’m counting on this year…

Yes, maybe in this dlc…

I could see this as a paid cosmetic DLC or something. We could have one for each civ, as a way to monetize the game. As long as they don’t give FPS drops or other advantages, they should be fine.

For me they will make it free, but if they add a Middle Eastern dlc (for example if they add Persia and Oman with a unique more Arabian architecture), they will give that architecture to the Ottomans…


Free days of updates for AOE3 is over. It was obvious that they gave us some free content during the AOM development period but AOM is coming this year, so is AOE3 DLC. Dont expect anything free and get your wallets ready. It is business, not charity.

Great time to learn how to mod

True, I was referring to it as part of the Middle East dlc…I don’t think they charge for architectures of civs that are already in the game…the SEA and Central Asia will bring new architectures, but within their respective dlcs, as they did TWC,TAD and TAR…

They should charge for cosmetics in the game, this would be the only way aside from DLCs and xbox pass that they can use to finance the development.

Yeah, but they charge now for the explorers skins…they need do the same for only one architecture?..

never, they are already over loved and buffed by the devs

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I’ve been messing around with some cocnept art for Ottoman architecture but I’m finding it hard to find good reference images. Does anyone have any they could share? How would you want Ottoman architecture to look?
Is it worthwhile trying to design a generic “near east” style that they could share with the Persians one day?


Honestly just grabbing the bset from the old Ottoman Mod and modernizing it would go a long ways into feeling more representative, but otherwise I think I know where to look to find reference images, feel free to DM me if you need more help.

I’d go with no, Persians tried really hard to distance themselves from the Ottomans as much as possible, they could get a generic bset, but one they could share with, say, Oman, Uzbeks or Afghans.


Yes, I think that if they put Persia and Oman they will play as Asian civs, but with their unique Middle East architecture (maybe use Indian architecture?)… the Central Asian civs (Kazakhs and Uzbeks) will use the architecture what the Tatars have in AoE 2…

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This could make the work of developers much easier and would provide a way to add even more MENA civs.

I wonder if it could be done in such a way that the building blocks would be the same but would have different textures - at least their color.

I don’t think a mod bset would do anything at all when it comes to helping the devs. Making the building blocks so they can have different textures should be easy.

the Central Asian civs (Kazakhs and Uzbeks) will use the architecture what the Tatars have in AoE 2…

Why would the Persians not use Persian architecture? It’s already silly enough in AoE2 lol. Also will, not could use, is an extremely bold statement in and on itself.


Something about the devs I guess…who knows?..