Unique Building Concept - Burg/Festung

Unique building for the Teutons that is upgraded from a Castle. Upgraded when Crenellations is researched, and they also benefit from extra range and garrisoned infantry attack.

It means fortress in German, and it reflects on the mighty castles that you see in Germany.

Base HP: 5500 (from 4800).
Base attack: 13(5)
Other stats are same as for regular castles.

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In which side of Germany was used mostly? Maybe it could unique for a future civ split from Teutons.

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If you like buffed German-themed castle variants, I have a scenario for you.


“Crenellations” already does this. No need to stack strength on strength on an already powerful civ.


Schloss wouldn’t work as the name of the unique tech, since German players already use the same word to mean castle.

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Teutons already have arguably the best castles in the game, I’m not sure why you’d want to buff them. Are you HealFortress in disguise?

That’s odd, I thought Schloss usually referred to a fortified stately home. I would have expected Burg instead.

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And you’re right about both points.

Festung? Schloss?

What about Burg?
We literally name our Citizens after that: It’s tht etymologic origin of the word.

Burg = > BĂĽrger

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Yeah it’s a bit of a grey area in the translation. For example, Schloss Neuschwanstein is more like a fortified stately home as you said, but we also call that Neuschwanstein Castle in English. Just like we call similar fairy tale buildings castles like Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty etc. even though they’re not particularly military buildings.

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