Unique buildings or regional units, which cosmetic addition do you want the most?

  • Unique building models: Castles
  • Unique building models: Monasteries
  • Regional unit models: Monks
  • Regional unit models: Villagers
  • Regional unit models: 3 main lines (Man-at-Arms, Archer, Knight)
  • Regional unit models: 3 trash lines (Spearman, Skirmisher, Light Cavalry)
  • Regional unit models: other military (Cavalry Archer, Hand Cannoner, etc.; please specify)
  • Other (please specify)
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If you have to choose, which of the above has the highest value and would add the most enjoyment to the game in your mind?

Military models have been split into 3 categories, main lines, trash lines, and other military, as they play different roles in the game and appear at different frequencies.


This is not a fair poll most people want pretty much all of these(me included).


You’re probably right! I want monks AND villagers!


Unique castles because it has become inconsistent with the DE DLC additions who does and doesn’t get a unique castle.


Poll is about the most you want, not which you want. Make your own poll or suggest something to improve this one instead of just complain.

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Rude dude … not sure that was really a “complain”.

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Overall I would prefer regional skins for units rather than castles, but not if it’s only one “group” of units (trash, main-line, etc). I would want all generic units to have a regional skin.


The rudeness is in your mind. I just suggested something to him. No insults, no pasive-aggresive. Just correct words.
If you are not sure if it was a complain, let me help you:

Express dissatisfaction or annoyance about something.

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One option is missing:
I want everything and unique Architecture Sets


:saluting_face: well well robocop! Or… we can just chill out there and talk with a certain “lightness”?? I mean…i think it’s a good poll !

My circuits are cool, I’m just using human words. Maybe you are too much sensitive… Human needs a hug?

Seriusly, I think is a good poll too. Never said the opposite. Jus I like people take a little effort to respond, not just complaining. Like you. You said just “rude dude”… just complain, none suggestion.


another option is: I am equally ambivalent to all of these

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I’m partial to finishing out the regional monks first, then castles, then everything else.

We already have regional and sometimes even unique castles.
Monasteries are also regional even though they are often wrong.

But only Trade Carts are regional right now with the one exception of American Monks.

I think the Trash units have a relatively good relatively region neutral design with some exceptions (Hussar and Halberdier).
The 3 main lines look very distinctively European though for almost all units (Archer an Militia are relatively region neutral).

Dare to dream. Unique architecture and units

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Monks, monasteries a close second. In my opinion this is long overdue.

I would like to see that ones devs once planned but later ditched (someone posted the image months ago).

Yes but if you look closely he has broken down unique military unit lines in to parts which is not fair.why would anyone vote for just unique knight skins when you should have unique skins for all.