Unique chinese building : Tulou

In China there is building called Tulou (see this : Tulou - Wikipedia ) This building is present in AoE 4 ( Village)

In AoE 2 this building can be given to the chinese. This building are like a mix between Town Center and four houses. Basically a Town Center with more HP and armor.


Unique building available only to the Chinese

Unlock in feudal age

Cost : wood : 500 ; stone : 100

HP 2400 + 100 in feudal age, +100 in castle age, +100 in imperial age

Can house 30 population

Garrison : 20 (and can garrison cavalry unit, because it’s a big building and you can fit cavalry unit inside)
Range : like a Town Center (don’t benefit from blacksmith range bonus)
Attack : like a Town Center

Melee armor
Dark : 4, Feudal : 5, Castle : 6, Imperial : 7

Pierce armor
Dark : 6, Feudal : 7, Castle : 8, Imperial : 9

Act as a drop site for resource

Cannot be converted

Can research all the technologies of the Town Center (except the age up, you still need a Town Center)

Benefit of the chinese bonus of +5 Line of Sight like a Town Center.

UT Great Wall unlock the ability to train villager in the Tulou (I think for balancing reason this building cannot train villager before the castle age). Maybe this tech can also unlock the ability to train Chu ko nu in the Tulou.

Why not add to the Great Wall UT the effect of upgrade all TCs into Tulous? Like Malays with ports

It is more likely to be a Vietnamese stuff in the age of empire two time range

It would have to be like a TC but can be upgraded to have more pop (from 20 pop to 40 pop in each age like the Chinese village in AoE 3)…

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u might be confusing the Vietnamese (Kinh) and Hmong / Hakka

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Kinh, Hmong and Hakka are modern concept. At the period of aoe2, you may consider Nanyue is more likely as Vietnamese instead of China.

Nanyue was an ancient kingdom that spanned the area of modern-day Northern Vietnam and the Chinese provinces of Guangdong, Guangxi, and Yunnan. Nanyue was founded by Zhao Tuo, a Chinese general during the Qin Dynasty, in 204 BCE. It existed until it was annexed by the Han Dynasty in 111 BCE.

Nanyue culture is considered part of the historical and cultural heritage of both Vietnam and China. In Vietnam, Nanyue corresponds to the historical period known as the Au Lac, which is recognized as part of Vietnam’s history.

It’s important to note that the concept of “Vietnamese culture” as we understand it today didn’t exist in the same form over 2000 years ago. National identities and cultural boundaries were fluid and often changed over time. The region of Nanyue certainly influenced and contributed to the cultures of the regions that would later become modern Vietnam and parts of southern China.

I gave it to the Khitans in my civ concept.

It’s a Han building, but the Khitans were partially associated with the Hans, so it made sense as a cool and flavorful thing to me.

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yeah but you are talking about two kind of cultures that are almost 6 times of the distance from Paris to Burgundy

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and 111 BCE is not in the time span of AoE2 anyways (except RoR)

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I was thinking a while back that it could be for a Southern Chinese civ if the Chinese civ was to be broken.

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Consider Asia is ten time bigger than Euro in terms of area, 6/10 times distance from Paris to Burgundy sound to be within half hour by metro train

u can divide “asia” anyway, like into mousonasia, propodesia, sunda, eremosia, russia (sorry for my poor greek)