Unique Civ Units Should Be Available in Earlier Ages

In AoE3, civs had their unique units in every age. It made early game a lot more interesting. But in AoE4, I gotta wait until age 3 or 4 to get to the unique units. Like the rus streltsy. Why can’t every civ have unique units? They could just be different versions of the same type of unit. Instead of every faction having the basic archer, make it look unique for each faction.

I would absolutely love if I could have a mix between AoE3 and AoE4. I think the home city and deck building of AoE3 was stupid. But the way they did the civilizations was so awesome. It really felt like each civilization was unique right from the start and all the way to the end.

I hope they make the civs more unique in the early ages.

So you want Streltsy in second age? What? There are some civs having theirs UU earlier (like frenchs royal knights), some civs have standart units earlier (for rus knights, for english and HRE man at arms), some civs have special upgrade. But giving a everyone UU from the start is very dangerous for balance.


Cannot agree with this point. Civs difference, is the best design compared to aoe2.


Yes the differences in gameplay for each civ is really good. Even though there could be more unique units per civ.

English have access to chad MAA in dark age.

Civs could be more diverse as AoE3 ones, they didnt do that to please AoE2 players sadly.

I hate how in AoE 2 all unique units are made from castles. That’s weird.

I am no saying change where things are now, but add more. And like I said, you don’t need to change how units are mechanically. You can change all of each civ’s units to be completely unique, but still work the same as the base unit. You could make abbassid archer be something totally different looking than a rus archer. But still the same stats and such.

Also, AoE3 did this with actual mechanically unique units and balance was good. I loved how the Inca had chimu runners and the bowmen that shot poisoned arrows, and how i thise hause had native american musket riders and whoever had those mantlet units. There were so many unique units!! It’s so fun!! If they wouldn’t have introduced that weird card deck and home city system, I would still be playing AoE3 every day. It has the best looking units and I think it’s set in the best period if time for a game like this since there were so many kinds of weapons and technologies and military tactics that were evolving.

AoE3 was just short of a masterpiece.


No. No wiothout reason AoE is the most popular game of the franchise.

You mentioned Inca - for me the hardest part of gaming was learn of the “tribal” staff. Even when counter system isnt so obvious as in AoE, this all Nativ, African, Asian strange rollercoster make IMOhuge wall for everyone who would try to start AoE 3. And it is not fun.

Most players that have played AoE3 hardly ever go back to 2. About counter system, at least is on UI with different bonus and cavalry armies arent unbeatable.

Also where is the fun on trash battles in lategame?? Whats the point of turning back to basic units on imperial age??