Unique fort and capitol styles for each European civ?

Here are some block outs where I used the fort’s footprint but tried to squeeze a star fort sort of thing in


Yes, maybe it could be a new visual improvement of the star fort improvement…


considering a star fort upgraded fortress is also quite a bit more dangerous than a normal fort, it’d be good just like upgrades differentiate units for readability.

That said, i still want Fort walls.


Those, especially the third one are spot-on to what I was thinking.

They look realistic - as star forts varied on size from large complexes to small forts guarding a narrow area so the proportions seem fine.

They also won’t seem out of place should they be in scenarios with the current fort walls - in fact they add to the feeling a huge fortified base.

That’s true…it wouldn’t hurt either…

Fantastic stuff. 20 chars

The problem with the third design and the reason I did the others is that I think the low fort lacks the feeling of presence that the gigantic castle-fort has. From a gameplay perspective I think it would be harder to intuit the role of the fort using the low/realistic style. Having the towers and large central structure was a way to try to get the new design’s map presence closer to the original’s.

I have no idea if it’s a engine thing or a game design thing or just a coincidence but every building I can think of that shoots cannonballs is tall and shoots from a high angle down at units below.

I thought about doing a version of my designs that would have visual changes when applying the Star Fort and Revetment upgrades, and that would change design between the fortress age and the industrial age.

I would make the fortress age fort look like a wooden wild west palisade fort (for all civs), and then have the stone fort (with civ variations) for the industrial age version. The USA/Mexico could have upgraded palisade fort aesthetics to match their walls.

One problem is that for the star fort upgrade the footprint has to change somewhat I think. Another is that I think the Reventment and Star Fort upgrades would have visual changes that would imply the opposite effects to what their gameplay effects are. I.e. Reventment adds sloped terrain around the base which implies increased HP, but which actually increases attack power. While Star Fort changes how the corners (where the cannons are) look and makes the fort look more dangerous, but all it does is increase HP.


You can have a bigger profile, but your first two examples look a bit too much like just pasting the old fort on top of a star fort.

Something like this would look a little more natural:

I based it off forts like this:



As for the upgrade names, just swapping them would be the easiest solution.