Unique Tech for Ottoman

Currently Ottomans have 2 unique tech except Imperial council. IC is good thou some techs are lame and useless.(Spawning imam and mehter ). and Ottos suffering from not having proper eco bonuses as well. Here some unique tech suggestions.

Tımar/Tımar system: Tımar system is basically giving land to a officer for a specific time. Officer farms the land , train Tımarlı Sipahis ,protect close area and collect taxes. Since we have military school already ignoring train sipahi part is logical.
Price: 150 wood 350 gold
Effect : %20 percent gather rate bonus for farms

Kemankeş/Kemankesh: Kemankesh is a rank for highly elite archers in Ottomans. They are able to hit target in 800-850 meters which is still world record with traditional bows.
Price: 150 food 350 gold
Effect: +2 range for archers

Zihgir: Zihgir is a kind of ring that archers wears to protect their finger and it helps to pull beam easily
Price: 75 food 150 gold
Effect: Reduce reload time of archers by %10

Cannon Quary: Established in late 1300s. These soldiers were responsible with building cannon and using it.
Price : 150 wood 350 gold
Effect: Increase damage of gunpowder units by %10

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I agree. I would like to add some siege techs like faster load and siege units hp.Some of imperial council techs are useless and ottomans dont have unique techs as Hre,England, French, Mali, Mongols and this cause to affect eco and units unproductiveness. I hope devs will give some love to Ottomans.

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In fact, there are two unique technologies in the editor that officials have decided not to use because they are too powerful.

Is it possible to check them?

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Both of those are quite good. Are you just ignoring the passive permanent bonuses they give?

The first makes their Imams better than most civs religious units, the second basically gives them portable yam networks.

One of the Vizier bonuses literally does this.

Turkish translate.of the game dont show the permanent buff.because of beta. Maybe some tecs need change. I always pick anotolian hills.vezir and second and third vezir are the always same.choice. I dont pick other veziers as game needs it.

as a Unique tech they are not good at all. If its not sea map picking anatolian hills is always a better option.

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I do think the sheep one is probably usually the best first choice. They aren’t mutually exclusive though. So you can pick the sheep and mining buff and then pick one or more of the others later if you want.

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i dont think its strategically accurate to pick more than 1 in first tear since we can pick 7 at most. +1 mil school and improved production looks like a must pick. Using tech for jans and knight to train them in mil school sounds like a ea or paradox dlc , something you need on base game but game puts requirements to you.Trader bonus and siege crew is nice . Pop up Jans is good when u need units immidiatly .

If you pick 7 it’s pretty reasonable to skip the Jannisary delivery (it gives no permed bonus) and the trade one (often no trading done in 1v1).

I mean its better than other two i pick imperial armory %90 of the time its just a better landmark