Unique tech idea for huns

It is still a lot different than Cumans. Cumans has very different early game due to second TC in Feudal and -100 wood in military buildings. Cumans defence is a lot stronger due to high hp walls, houses and cheap military buildings.

Huns is supposed to be cavalry civilization but in contrast, they have generic stable. -20 discount also isn’t that strong due to lacking last armor upgrade.

15% speed is completely historical for Huns because they had most well-bred horses and their cavalries is fastest in their time. I offer to remove ahistorical Paladin from tech tree. It wouldn’t be OP this change I think. Paladin also prevent Tarkan play.

Doesn’t change this fact. I like Huns as they are rather than changes.

Is still just a poor copy of the Cumans bonus, much like how there are 3, yes 3 civs with extra PA on Light cavalry in castle age…Is such shallow design.

I don’t really understand why is poor copy of Cumans? It is a lot stronger than Cuman bonus but you must reach Imperial age and castle for this tech. 15% speed is a lot different than 5% in terms of gameplay. 5% speed is very small that it change only general power of your units but with 15% speed, you gain instant buff with which you can catch enemy, capture and outflank them.

There are also 6-7 ways to buff cavalries. Cost reduction, training time, damage, attack speed, movement speed, trample damage. Only cost reduction and training time match Huns. I selected most entertaining bonus which is speed.

Pretty sure husbandry + 15% faster speed on top of that won’t be very entertaining for the people on the receiving end of Hunnic hussar spam :sweat_smile:


Thinking on it further, I believe similar to the Tatar’s Keshiks gaining gold via units, I believe we can give the Hun’s Tarkan the additional attribute of gold upon damaging buildings.(non-walls/gates) - it would be easier to balance based on that rather than using the final blow as the indicator for gold income.

For instance, one can generate gold per strike, every other strike or further every third strike per individual Tarkan.