Unique Techs that need renaming

Noticed that some names of the UT has little or no relationship on their actual effect? Here are a few examples and what I would propose:

El Dorado - self explanatory. El Dorado is the name of the mythical city that no one found, and despite the name, it gives Eagles more HP. A more appropriate name would be Halach Uinik, or Ajaw. Halach Uinik - Wikipedia

What does wonder delays have to do with atheism? Furthermore, the Huns practiced paganism like other nomads. Might I propose Barbarian Warfare?

A name like “Migration” or “Forced March” makes more sense. The literal definition of “perfusion” has nothing to do with military training, as it means blood passage.

Unless you can come up with a better name, for now I just name it as “Innovation”, since it means “make new changes by introducing new methods or technologies”. Japanese are good at accepting new innovations such as firearms and siege weapons. Kataparuto is too anachronistic in many ways, especially the Katakana spelling and this word never existed and more: they never used catapults!

And change Yasama to Yazama.

Chatras is a kind of umbrella, nothing to do with the extra HP of the elephants. How’s this name/ Lieutenants?


I’m ambivalent about most of these, but yeah El Dorado makes no sense.

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Atheism is a generic term which would have no meaning in the game time frame.Maybe scorched earth tactics as it affects the enemy negatively?

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You’re using a modern medical definition instead of the older etymology that makes it a very appropriate name for the tech. It’s from Latin “perfusionem” ~ pouring over/throughout (e.g. a flood). The etymology of “Goth” itself is thought to derive from Proto-Germanic “geutan” which also means “to pour.” Obviously very apt given how the Goths poured through Europe and what the tech lets you do. Few UTs are better named, unless you insist on using an overly restrictive modern definition for some reason (“Yeoman is a rank in the US Navy and has nothing to do with archers!”).

Mainly agree with the others though. “Atheism” is a weird case where it’s obviously not that accurate, but I like the flavor of the Huns being perceived as godless heathens who laugh at your relics and wonders. Something like Tengriism would be more accurate, but also less cool given the effect.



a man holding and cultivating a small landed estate; a freeholder.


a servant in a royal or noble household, ranking between a sergeant and a groom or a squire and a page.

My understanding is that the name refers to their disbelief specifically in the Christian God (at a time when Christianity was the dominant religion in the Roman Empire), and the effect of the tech represents the Huns’ disrespect for other civilisations’ cultures and achievements. So it’s a little tenuous, but not unrelated.

My understanding is that, in the early days of Christianity, the pagan Romans considered Christians to be atheists because they didn’t believe in Jupiter, Apollo, etc. I’m not sure whether the later Christian Romans had the same opinion of pagans, but I think it’s plausible. I’ve heard of cases of modern Christians considering even Christians belonging to other denominations to be atheists…

I take it these are definitions of yeoman? But the tech name is surely a reference to the fact that many longbowmen were yeomen (and vice versa). It seems to have been common enough that some people use the term ‘yeoman archer’, and there’s a Wikipedia page with that name (although, to my eye, it looks quite poorly written and referenced).

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I think it can be renamed Ichiya, or “one night,” as a reference to a castle that was supposedly built overnight, which I think the UT might be referencing.

Atheism is anachronistic but the concept of them ignoring your cultural/religious accomplishments cause they couldn’t care less makes sense (one would say a bit caricatural for Huns but I mean it’s aoe2). We’re not sure they practiced Tengrismm in particular but still probably a form of shamanism so “paganism” could fit better given the timeframe.

We need Muisca. And let El Dorado as UT bring gold to Muisca civ.

The Romans at that time thought the Huns were atheists because they killed monks and destroyed churches at will, and they didn’t care or even despised the authority of Christianity and the authority of the great Roman civilization.

Of course atheism is a narrative from the perspective of the Romans. The Huns might have simply followed another religion. But anyway, Atheism has its historical references. Considering that the landmarks of the time were often religious buildings, and the wonder could be understood as the authority of civilization, this design still makes sense.

I offer an option, “Sengoku”, which symbolizes the frequent siege battles during the Sengoku period, and the frequent siege battles are represented by better siege capabilities. Otherwise, we can only remove it and reintroduce a new UT. Even if it is called “innovation”, it is still fiction, because the Japanese had not made innovations about trebuchets.

If we were going to give the Japanese better siege capabilities, we could have given them Bombard Cannons. Frankly, the better Trebuchets are not necessary.

Chatras seem to be more valued in Burma and Thailand.

War elephants in Vietnam are historically nothing special. They were often used, but were not large number in their armies compared to other Southeast Asian nations, and no battles seemed to be decided through them. On the contrary, they were often frightened by invaders from the north and injured friendly troops.

Maybe use a generic item term such as “Elephant Saddle”. Or “Mahouts” after the Persians no longer have Mahouts.


Silk Road. Italy may be on the Silk Road, but they don’t play as big a role on it as say Persians or Chinese. Should change it to something like Florentine Guilds, as they were a big deal in Italy.

Recurve Bow. It’s not so much that there’s anything wrong with the name, but Reflex Bow is more accurate as that’s the version of the Recurve Bow they actually used.

Mahouts. The term itself isn’t Persian, it’s Indian. Something more appeopriate would be Zend hapet/Zendhapet. This term is what Persians called the Indian Mahouts who rode their elephants.

Stirrups. They’re not a Bulgarian invention, I’d rather Stirrups be the name for a non unique tech, unless it’s Huns. They’re probably the most appropriate civ to have a UT called Stirrups. As for Bulgarians, change it to something like Ezdachi Drills or Madara Regime.

Chatras. It’s not a Vietnamese term, it’s Indian. They literally mean umbrellas but they’re used more like parasols, so how those are meant to increase HP is a bit silly. Anyway, if Dravidians can have a tech called Medical Corps that benefits their elephants, there’s no reason why Vietnamese can’t rename their UT to something more generic but appropriate.

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I don’t think this one is too bad as:

1: Persians got their elephants from India.
2: Mahout as a word has entered the English language more than any other single word to describe an elephant handler. So from the perspective of this game being in English, it fits.


Yet the irony is that the Persian War Elephant is a riderless elephant which can be converted by priests…