Unique Unit Suggestions

I don’t want this page to look like a rant, and i’m sure the devs already know about this issue, but some unique units might have to turn generic after a DLC.

There may be more, but let me just talk about the 2 that stuck out to me

  1. War Elephants
  2. Camel Units

About the elephants, they could do the same thing that they did with Persia in Age 2 if they end up adding a South or South East Asian DLC which is to add a battle elephant, however i feel this is suboptimal. It may be nice if Dehli gets an Elephant bonus to compensate (however i think it would make more sense for a native india civ in a DLC to get better elephants). The only problem is that no other civ in the base game used elephants consistently (if im not mistaken it was used only a few times by the arabs and chinese) so its not like it still wont be unique, so a way around this is to keep it a UU until a DLC. However, this means Dehli would need another UU to compensate (i would personally like to give a UU referencing turkic origins, thereby also covering the Ghurids to some extent)

About the camels, same logic as before however with the middle east and Africa in mind. The catch is we can give camels to Mongols, Chinese, and Dehli depending on how the devs plan on representing them (though i understand refraining from the last one) We can also have accurate heavy cav mamelukes as a UU replacement.

Ik that i’m probably too late, but i just wanted to put it out there before the release in case there is a chance to change things before the meta hardens and balance won’t be thrown off too hard.

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East Asians didn’t used camel cavalry to fight, only occasionally as a means of transportation. Camels are not mobile enough.

i just included them cuz of aoe2, didnt have too much historical info on that tbh