Unique Units for ROR?

I feel this would give the game new life if they gave new unique units for ROR. They were way too conservative when releasing Return of Rome. The game balance might need to be drastically changed for adding unique units and stuff.

I’ll start this thread off with my own idea. To describe an Assyrian Siege Engine in my own words. It is basically a ram combined with a siege tower. The slow moving mobile platform allows archers to engage defenders upon a wall settlement while also providing them cover. A team of engineers would repair the siege tower while it is under attack and put out fires by using buckets of water.

Once the wall is broken down, the Assyrians can engage the defenders within their city.

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Funnily, Kunga are already in-game, as Sargon’s chariot pullers.

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Guess that skin can be reused for a uu then.

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