Unique Units from aoe 2 in aoe 3 Part II (Final)

Well the title says so but really there are only 2 more units, the rest are just references to aoe 2 in aoe 3 something like easter eggs

This unit in aoe3 is called a “ram” if it doesn’t look anything like the one in 2 xD
This card is called feitorias, it basically turns town centers into mini factories that produce a small trickle of each resource (the joke is that Portugal is the civ that builds the most town centers, not to mention that the Portuguese get a town center wagon) as they get older xd)
This card is literally called Carracas, it basically improves the resistance points of the Caravels
This card is called squires, and it vastly improves the training speed of all units in forts or commandos.
Gives Maltese towers a close range flamethrower attack
It’s called Greek Fire and what it does is set ships covered in flames that do massive damage.
I don’t think much needs to be said here XD