Unique villager skins for architectural sets

Why not make unique models of villager units for each architecture set?
Is one male and one female model for each of the 11 architectures sets a lot?
The game would have become much more realistic.
And we wouldn’t see how white people live in African civilizations. It’s insulting.
In the menu, you can leave the option to return the old look, for those who are used to it.

Is this idea real?


Yes its a lot,the villager is not one unit but multiple units that look similar eg idle villager is one unit farmer is a different unit fisherman is another unit.


This would take off precious devs time to develope more inportant things, like penguins riding polar bears, or snowman at arms… you know, really crucial stuff…


ive seen multiple people mention this, isnt this a copy paste issue though, like its not like each “villager” actually looks different, its just different tools

if its anything like what im thinking, it hardly increases the workload

the bigger issue is more likely the actual work that needs to go a skin, and whether they feel they will get financial returns on it (or whether they can convince the suits they will get the returns on it)

it really does suck

when you could have this instead. and conveniently these mills dont look like houses (unlike aoe2)

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What is the financial return with the fancy season funny skins? Really they can’t add a villager set skin with each season update?


Trade Carts received brand new regional skins. I think Villagers will also get brand new skins similar to them.

BTW I think they should also add three new skins (for Trade Carts and Villagers) for Asian and two new skins for European civs:

  1. Indian skin
  2. Southeast Asian skin
  3. Nomadic skin
  4. Mediterranean skin
  5. Western European skin (the current European Villager skin would be for Eastern European civs)

Its the same base model with a different tool and different action/animation so its the same amount of work as making a full unit.Technically you can have different skins/looks for each action for the villager with the current setup as well because each action has its own animation.

If you use a 3d model for each base unit, putting it through all the poses with different tools to acquire a 2d image for each frame is trivial after you’ve created a template. The amount of graphical work to then add a new skin for all the tasks a villager performs is ≤ creating a new unit. You’re literally just changing the clothes and skin/hair of the same unit then putting it through preset animations. Kind of low hanging fruit, TBF, for what would be one of the coolest visual additions to the game.

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Sure but you still need to render all of those.The game already has the male villager skin on the trade carts so who knows maybe they will add it someday.

I think having a unique villager type for each architecture set would be a lot, but we can have a few preset types:

Default: Western European, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Central Asian
Blond: Central European, Eastern European
Asian: East Asian
Black: African
Brown: South Asian, Southeast Asian
Native: Mesoamerican

Yes i would love that. We already have different skins for trade carts, villagers would greatly increase immersion for limited effort


Just use the trade cart skins as the base and divide the villager skins,less work and easier to identify.


We also have different skins for kings.


The trade cart model does not fit this change. With the exception of the African who is black, all the models are the same (the MENA one has a beard though). We need new skin tones and hair color. At the very least, we already have some in-game skin tones to follow (DOI UU’s for India and AF UU’s for Africa obviously; Plumed Archer for Mesoamerica and maybe Keshik for East Asia and Woad Raider for Northern Europe).

A berserk without a helmet would be better for this. Northern Europeans are paler than other Europeans and have a large proportion of redheads and blondes.

The North European Peasant could be dressed in leather clothes. The Scandinavian climate is not very suitable for walking without outerwear xDDD

Yes I know. I was referring to the skin tone of each unit shown on their icons:


The Woad Raider looks paler than the Berserker. If not, maybe Keshik will do. I put the others too to have an idea:


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White villagers (and also white “generic” units) for every civilisation breaks immersion severely, that’s why I haven’t buy the game.