Unit and tech adding without reference

Hello sorry to bother you but I would like to ask if there is a way to add a unit/tech through only a techtree/techtreemods without the need of specifiing their page column and a row?

Yes, the line grenadiers card does that for example.

EDIT: Sorry I was mistaken about the techs not needing a row and column it seems.

Thank you I have not been able to found that card unfortunatelly but I found subtype=“AddTrain” which does work as I would like it to for units and buildings but I have yet to find something similar for techs.

Unfortunately, adding a unit or tech through a techtree or techtree mod typically requires specifying its location on the page, column, and row. This information is essential for the game to understand where to place the new unit or tech within the techtree. Without these details, the game won’t know where to position the added content.


For Page just reference the proto entry, techs are on Page 1 for most buildings I believe as in legacy that was the code for the Improve UI row.

For column you can use -1 per The African Royals unlock techs:

<effect type="TechStatus" status="obtainable">DEAllegianceBritishArtillery</effect>
<effect type="TechStatus" status="obtainable">DEAllegianceBritishArmy</effect>
<effect type="CommandAdd" tech="DEAllegianceBritishArmy" page="19" column="-1">
    <target type="ProtoUnit">deUniversity</target>
<effect type="CommandAdd" tech="DEAllegianceBritishArtillery" page="19" column="-1">
    <target type="ProtoUnit">deUniversity</target>