Unit blocking issues

I originally posted this as a formation issue, but it appears to actually be a blocking issue, so I wanted to post a more accurate topic subject. This is a pretty annoying bug as it can cause problems whereby traders are blocked and won’t continue trading unless you move units to make way for them to get through.

Original post: Unit Formation issue

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For anyone wondering, this isn’t fixed in the latest patch. Looks like I’ll be playing something else for the time being, gutted :sob:

This is not a bug. It’s intentional to create a physical barrier when you use stand ground

Those units aren’t standing ground though.

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I’m afraid it’s not relating to standing ground as my units aren’t doing that. I can’t see how this isn’t a bug which appears to have been introduced with the Winter Update. Following some more tests, it doesn’t do it with spears, just archers at the moment.


I’m assuming this has been reported already but I haven’t been able to find an exact match to what I’m seeing. The issue is basically units moving on their own when in formation and although it’s not a showstopper, it is pretty annoying visually. I can’t upload a screen capture but it just looks like one unit in each group is wobbling from side to side

It’s pretty obvious from the clip what I’m seeing and it’s pretty annoying. Is there a way round this or do I just need to wait for a fix?


Here’s another video of the issue. It appears that the units are just not moving out of each others way. In this instance, this becomes an issue as you can end up blocking things like traders

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We’re aware and working on it. Thank you for the report @Bilbobags!