Unit conversion still does not have a proper place imo

In the games I have played so far, I achieved a unit conversion only once but because the enemy was a massive noob player.
I feel this mechanic is still unresolved. But it is very interesting and of course adds fun and strategy, but very few players achieve it.

Should monks have more hp? My suggestion is all monasteries having the “conversion” technology that enables you to activate the ability (and then trigger a timer during which you cant convert of course) but at least all players get the chance to try the mechanic of conversion.

The cost of the technology and the speed of conversion could also be customizable according to unique civs technologies maybe.
But this topic could be revised for further expansions of the game.


Couldn’t agree more.

I’ve never seen a single successful wololo, even against Delhi (very few still play Delhi, and when they do, don’t use elephants).

Two things need urgency. Wololo and Delhi.

Conversion time should be a little shorter, with clear warning. See enemy monk with relic? Don’t approach with melee, use range.

Single unit conversion is Abbasid tech, don’t make it for everyone.

I’ve seen a lot of wololos, and I like a lot to try them, but also, I think wololos play a more defensive purpose.

I always try to get one relic to the battle and use it to defend archers or siege from knights.

I think unit conversion is in a good point.

The point of wololo is not to be defensive purpose only. The point of wololo is wololo.

I agree with @Player748528464, wololo is not a thing in the game currently.

Turnarounds are the most exciting in competitive games, and AoE4 wololo is by original definition the prime turnaround enabling mechanism. But we know current wololo is virtually impossible in competitive.

So, with a crippled wololo, we have a problem in excitement, something vital - VITAL - in a game. Excitement can decide the success of a game.

Conversion time should be shorter, or a general tech for this. Notwithstanding future civ specifics - think Byzantines, Persians.

Have you guys seen the monk push? Not sure if they’ve fixed it but in one of the tournaments 6 months ago a player surprised everyone by pushing their monk towards the enemy with their army while the wololo was counting down. They still missed but it was exciting. Maybe give monks a 10% movement speed while casting so it’s not so dreadfully easy to dodge.

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That’s an interesting idea in lieu of lowering the conversion time.

As I wrote, I always try to carry a relic to the battle, to defend archers (same why you using spears…), or siege, or while I am attacking a position, wololo the villagers, this is using the conversion as ofensive.

Mass unit conversion is too powerful to be boosted, if you could just activate it and semi instant convert the enemy units, this would make the game too unpredictable cause it will be so so so easy to convert the villagers, as they don’t get attacked and you don’t get the notification until the wololo us activated.

Right now, if you react 2-3 seconds after wololo activation, near all the villagers got converted. Imagine buffing the time… And trust me, 2-3 seconds may seem a lot of time to react, but when you are getting attack notifications and microeing your units in battle, is not that much time.

See some plays from 1puppypaw, (I think is he) he uses a lot of unit conversion offensively.

An Idea:
When you press the button, the circle will be very small, steadily increasing until max range.
You can trigger the conversion any time, the longer you stay and wait the bigger the circle grows.
When it reaches max range (the range that is currently used), the conversion triggers automatically.

Adds a bit of optional micro, but is less micro heavy than having to do lots of 1-on-1 conversions.


New here to this game although not to the franchise. What if they enabled a tech to achieve single unit conversion once you have gathered at least one relic inside your church building? Provided that the cooldown period for the spell is set to be rather long, it would not break the game balance.

The Abbasids have a unique tech to let their Imams convert single units (like how it works in AoE2).

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Never liked conversion in age 2, even less in age IV, IMO it doesn’t fit with theme, it feel like a MOBA ability.

Then everyone would be complaining that lost entire army to a monk…

1 does the game need conversion?
2 is it fun?

I feel that dev were forced to implement it because of the wololo meme, but it is a broken feature.

I never understood why they insisted on fixing universal franchise mechanics that were never broken and never even complained about. Single unit conversion as a standard is perfect. There’s plenty of ways to mix it up with priests. See:AoEO.

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single unit conversion is not only extremely micro intensive but IMPRACTICAL if not an elephant; EVEN in the case of an elephant, you most likely could have focus fire that elephant and killed it?

Also Wololoos, though rare! they do happen even at the highest levels.