Unit Formations Unstable

Game Version:

  • Build: 101.101.33315.0 4426672
  • Platform: Steam


Pathfinding of unit formations is unstable and frequently creates chaotic formations.
I don’t have a great explanation of it using words, but I did take some video of it in action:
Unit Formations NOT in combat
Unit Formations IN combat

The combat footage isn’t as evident as I’ve seen it in other games (this was set to Easiest so I could get some footage without having to deal with other variables). In some games, I tell a unit to attack-move and frequently things like you see in the in combat footage happens. Units standing there unable to move, others flailing back and forth rapidly while being shot at with arrows, etc.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Create a unit of soldiers. It seems to be any soldiers, but I think it’s more pronounced on cavalry. I suspect the larger the unit size the more prevalent the issue, but I haven’t confirmed that.
  2. Move the unit around
  3. Switch formations
  4. Repeat steps 2 and/or 3 until the formation becomes chaotic
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