Unit Overkill

They should make it so that a group of 20 archers (or any other similar unit) don’t all shoot at one guy as it is a waste of arrows. Maybe change it so that the correct amount of archers will be used to kill one target and the rest focus on a different target? Obviously if they’re shooting at knights then all of them can focus fire a single knight but if there’s multiple enemy archers then not all of them need to fire at a single target.


You need to micro your archers so they dont overkill, your asking to remove more micro in the game. No thanks. Get good really, simple as that.


If I attack move with a group of archers they still all shoot at the same guy which makes no sense. I have no issue with microing, all I’m saying is that it seems pretty stupid that a group of archers, xbows, etc all shoot at the same guy. Having to micro a group of units and tell each of them to shoot at different targets just seems like pointless micro. At least in AOE2 micro made sense as you had to micro to dodge arrows.

Kind of agree bc I overkill all the time lol. On the other hand, I guess I could do more micro and better thinking to improve at this. Like doing quick maths on roughly how many archers I need to one-shot a unit and make sure I send groups with that amount of archers.

Making units spread their fire across different targets is beneficial in 2 DE as well:

On a related note: I’ve seen that arrows keep firing on units for the duration of their death animation, which in some cases takes a good 2-3 seconds. Towers, archers, etc. should automatically switch to another unit right when the death animation starts, not when it ends.

I’m actually going to create a post about it now that I recalled this issue.

In all honesty, I feel like micro is only worth in small skirmishes where overkill is not as much as a problem and u can have 2 control groups for your ranged units to split damage, I do that all the time early game. However, I am 90% sure that if u micro in late game flights u will lose damage u actually don’t want to tell your units what to do, besides attack and regroup from my experience. Rather focus on microing important units like siege or monks or do a litel split so your angel of aproch is not one big bloob that gets stuck on each other

Maybe implement a solution such as right click drag over an area and your units will start their attack on the units that you moused over?