Unit Priorities

  1. Targetting buildings only
  2. Targetting units only
  3. Targetting siege only

Could options be added for these things? Sort of like how Rise of Nations had it.

Thank you kindly.


Create a new thread, noone noticed the previous.

you get autoarrows, but now you want these homing missiles to snipe lowest HP units?

Let’s kill micro in that game.
Let’s build cities with wonders and towers.
Because with you suggestion Tower will be number one unit. And rams will be useless.
Just defend with towers.

This would make the game less micro-intensive and I am not sure how I feel about that. It would help with taking out siege though. It would be great if my anti-siege units did their primary job first and auto attacked siege.

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let’s say PlayerA pushing in the middle. Also playerA wants to attack top with low forces, he do A-click on the top. (top proteccted with some towers/castles.)
now if PlayerB did not reacted at the top - he will lose top.
With your changes. PlayerA should actively micro on the top or he will all his small army and after that siege.

How is beneficial? It’s huge change in the gameplay.
example2: archers vs archers… rams could tank some dmg and if player do not activly microing - he will lose against rams. With you changes - ram useless. Stand ground with archers (on the walls) and attacker could only add bombards, no way rams would work.

Do not believe they change it. but if someone wants to change it least one should understand, that it will be the biggest gameplay changes so far.

This is confusing to read.

If you think the micro in this game is fun, go on enjoying it. I think it has low quality micro compared with a lot of other RTS games, and I’m not interested in it being fixed so much as it getting this big bandaid.

At least with the power to toggle priority I could keep my elephants from glitching out and attacking buildings instead of following my commands to attack units, or vice versa.

I agree for only TCs, Towers and Castles. Defensive buildings should not be this stupid to throw arrows on wooden ram when so many units are in range. And there is no point targeting armored units when un-armored are roaming around. The most annoying this is having to shift click individual archer/spear with TC when clicking units is so hard in this game.

I suggest that after targeting a unit, buildings should further target same unit type instead of throwing arrows on the wood. It becomes extremely hard to target individual tower/castle when under attack. Sometimes they get stuck on building a wont shoot units. e.g you have outpost near enemy dock. Its so stupid to see it shooting a dock.

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