Unit queuing

I was wondering, can’t we get an option to repeat the last unit queue build order from a production building? It would help in the late game when resources don’t seem to be a problem in some cases, and you are busy with a full-out push into the enemy so that your production buildings keep producing reinforcements. Or will this just become a big slog between players in a war then?

well, age of mythology added this back in 2002
lets just say its not smt i’d try to add after it was universally panned
what happens is, it removes the player input where it makes most difference, a lot of the time getting units on the field more efficiently decides games
this would cause a deadlock in many scenarios
if you’re curious, look up AOM feature called auto queue, it auto produced last queued unit, in all buildings, including villagers from town centers if i’m remembering correctly
problem was it took away too much player input in too many situations, making it feel like the game played itself and since the feature got introduced in expansion titans, most people just went back to vanilla AOM

That’s what I thought. I just asked because I was playing a mod called Frontline Warfare, where you can’t gather resources, but have to kill enemy units to gain resources. The result is just bigger and bigger armies on both sides battling it out. Very fun mod! But there you end up having to constantly produce units at the end game. Thanks for your input!