Unit regrouping logic and how the player could force the right behavior

In this post, I want to bring forth some ideas regarding regrouping logic. From catching up to enemies you are trying to chase or walking into castle fire because the units in front walk back to regroup, it can cost you games.
At the same time, you often want units to regroup the way they do, to get into formation ASAP for body-blocking enemies or getting into a tighter formation.
Giving the player more control could alleviate some issues here:
Either a group of units could walk straight without regrouping on the walk command and only get into formation when one of the formation hotkeys is pressed.
Or holding Alt while issuing the movement command could keep them from regrouping and each unit of the group just walking straight to their destination.

Any further ideas to give the player more control over the movement of groups of units that don’t require a complete rework of the current regrouping mechanic?

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I think alt should be pressed to force the current regrouping and units by default should always pick the shortest path to destination, giving priority to task completion over formation. Units should also not freeze or block each other, there should be better swarm behavior wrt when the current path has to be readjusted.

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What? Holding Alt avoids regrouping? TIL!

What a shame that devs leave pathing broken for this long that we have to change our behavior indefinitely.

Your photo and name compared to the comment above confused me 11

Also I think they are suggesting the alt thing as a change and not saying it already exists

I see :slightly_frowning_face: Was blind 11